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#44683 - 11/11/12 10:24 PM Re: Games you like to see redone/ a new installment [Re: shinjiyo]
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Yeah i hate when you get teased for so long. Honestly i still havnt played the games but its on my wish list
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#44686 - 11/11/12 10:35 PM Re: Games you like to see redone/ a new installment [Re: Animejr]
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Originally Posted By: Animejr
Honestly i still haven't played the games but its on my wish list

ZOE 1 isn't too bad. ZOE 2 is just pure awesome and it still holds up quite well even today.

Picture piloting a Gundam from the Gundam Wing universe. That's how the game feels. You are piloting one very powerful mech (that flies and hovers), but your enemy has a few ace pilots and a lot of computerize units (like the Mobile Dolls).

My personal favorite part is playing the first stage, where you are on a winter planet. Ice glaciers everywhere, it's snowing hard and all of a sudden a swarm of 50 unmanned mechs come after you. The amount of power your mech has can easily kill them (beam cannons, light sword, vulcans, etc..). Plus you can grab a mech and throw them into the glaciers (very pretty looking).
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#44762 - 11/12/12 06:59 PM Re: Games you like to see redone/ a new installment [Re: shinjiyo]
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Also a new Chrono title would be an awesome installment to the saga. But after years of reading and research about anything new about it, well its only be a dream come true... But HEH! A new DLC game for a new Chrono installment wouldn't be a bad start. =DD
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