Packed and Shipped With Care

How did we do when we packed your order for shipment? Did everything arrive O.K.? Did our packaging protect your products? We want to hear from you how we did! Did the shipping demons attack your box? Send us a picture of how the packing cartons and materials kept them at bay!

Please tell us your story and show us your pictures!

Good for YOU & Good for the Earth

Lots of companies talk about “going green,” but here at Right Stuf, our “eco-friendly” efforts save YOU money, better protect your shipments and are good for the planet. Continue reading below to find out how!

The Proof's in the Packaging!

Despite all shipping services' best intentions, sometimes things go awry en route. This is when our eco-friendly packaging really shines because it does its job and protects your STUF! boxes The boxes and packing materials we use for shipments - including our awesome packing paper - contain recycled content and are 100% recyclable themselves.

The materials we use, combined with the efforts of our packing and shipping team, protect your outgoing orders - from our warehouse all the way to your doorstep.

Fewer reshipments = More convenience for you, a lower cost to you, AND less of an overall carbon footprint!

Nozomi boxesNozomi Entertainment DVD sets are housed in rigid, chipboard boxes made from 100% recycled materials and most DVD cases are partially produced from recycled materials. Additionally, we work with suppliers, including our DVD replicators, who recycle all scrap plastic and other leftover materials, which are later reutilized.

Company Wide Effort!

Company-wide, incoming cardboard and packing materials (from vendors/suppliers), all pallets and the majority of our used office paper are all recycled.

Recycled Packing Materials

Also company-wide, we save energy by using virtualization technology to reduce the number of running servers and workstations.

Server and Workstations

And the HQ - including all divisions and our warehouse facility - are heated and cooled using a geothermal system that utilizes ground source heat pumps, which reduce energy consumption and air pollution emissions up to 72% compared to traditional HVAC systems.

Rightstuf's heating and cooling systems

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"I'm very pleased with not only my purchase but the care taken in packaging, and the efforts to be environmentally friendly as well."

Initially after reading about Right Stuf's new green practices I have to admit to being skeptical and not really thinking that my forthcoming package would look anything like they were claiming. I was dead wrong. Not only did it look exactly as promised but my purchase of 6 dvds arrived safely and completely secure! The inserts kept everything in place but didn't make it hard to open or remove the dvds at all. I was very pleased and it just further cemented my faith in the products and now the green efforts in packaging that Right Stuf has implemented. I was used to getting dvds in the bubble filled packages like some other online services tend to use. Due to the type of building I live in if your mail seems small enough it is quite unfortunately stuffed in a very small box which can damage your mail inside. However I no longer have to worry about that when ordering from Right Stuf! I'm very pleased with not only my purchase but the care taken in packaging, and the efforts to be environmentally friendly as well.