Anime Today Podcast FAQs

What is a Podcast?

The word “podcast” comes from two words: iPod and broadcast. An iPod however is not necessary to listen to a show. Podcasts are simply MP3 audio files, or M4A enhanced audio files, that you download and listen to either on your computer or any portable media player, like an iPod.

What is the difference between the ENHANCED and AUDIO ONLY podcast?

The ENHANCED podcast uses the M4A file format to embed artwork and links throughout the various segments of the show. If you use iTunes to listen to podcasts, the artwork will be displayed in the album art window. Chapter stops are another handy feature of the ENHANCED podcast and are displayed in the top menu bar.

To listen to the ENHANCED podcast in your web browser, all you need is the free QuickTime plugin to display the artwork and links.

The AUDIO ONLY podcast is one continuous MP3 file that can be played in most media programs and on most portable media players.

How do I subscribe to Anime Today?

To subscribe to Anime Today with a program other than iTunes, podcast software (also called an aggregator or receiver) may be found with simple internet search.  After downloading and installing the free podcast software, use the xml address  /site/animeToday/animetoday.rss to add a new “subscribed feed.”

Anime Today Q & A

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