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#84455 - 04/19/15 05:55 PM Re: What did you just watch (non anime)? [Re: EricDent]
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Originally Posted By: EricDent
Now up to season 4 of Red Dwarf.
It's rather easy to blast through these seasons, since most of them only have 6 episodes.

Fun episodes include:

The episode where Cat has a dream about a fun musical number called "Tongue Tied" (they have a full version on the bonus disc).

The already mentioned "Better Than Life" episode.
It's a virtual reality game (more like a holodeck) that all your dreams & desires come true.

Backwards: an episode where they end up on a time running backwards Earth. Let's just say forwards is a lot less weird...

Dimension Jump: In another dimension Rimmer is a test pilot.
He winds up jumping to the dimension with the "cowardly hologram" Rimmer, and they don't get along at all.
BTW there's a piece of music they play when he's flying around that sounds a LOT like "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun...

The Wax-world episode: They find a paddle that can teleport them to different places.
They end up on this world with wax droids of famous people.
The actors they got are uncanny in their portrayal of these characters.
The best is easily Elvis, who also sings as Elvis the ending theme song.
Especially fun is the "cameo" of the rather cheesy Kaiju movie Gappa The Triphibian Monster (basically a flying/swimming/walking version of Gorgo with a similar plot).
I remember the better than life and backwards episodes. Pretty funny stuff.
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#84473 - 04/19/15 11:31 PM Re: What did you just watch (non anime)? [Re: EricDent]
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My friends and I went and saw Furious 7 in theatres today, that was exciting.

Hopefully it wasn't the final film in the Fast & Furious series, I heard about Paul Walker (Brian O'Conner) dying two years ago.

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#84474 - Yesterday at 01:03 AM Re: What did you just watch (non anime)? [Re: EricDent]
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There are already plans for at least 8, 9, & 10 for Fast & Furious.
It's the #1 movie in the U.S. 3 weeks straight (to be fair really nothing else out).
It's already #7 of the all time highest earning movies EVER....

Now up to season 7 of Red Dwarf:

Gunmen of the Apocolypse is really good stuff.

BTW there was apparently a very short lived US version.
Even had the same guy play Kryten, but all the other people were different.
Made back in 1992.
Probably on the YouTube somewhere.

Speaking of that:
Here's an interesting version of "Tongue Tied"
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#84516 - Yesterday at 01:51 PM Re: What did you just watch (non anime)? [Re: EricDent]
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Well I watched the pilot episode of the U.S. version of Red Dwarf.
Not even close to being as funny or charming as the BBC version.
There was actually another episode where they changed the cat into a female.

Also forgot to mention renting Exodus: Gods & Kings from Redbox.

Now I am not a religious person at all, so this movie wasn't really up my interest area.
I must say the plagues were cool as heck looking, and if you think about it having "God" be a little kid makes a lot of sense.
Plus the whole "is he crazy" angle whenever Aaron (Moses' brother) saw Moses talking to "God" he didn't see anything.

Now maybe I am mixing stories up, but where the heck was the "Burning Bush" & sandstorm (IIRC) that they were supposed to follow.
Also the ending was rather abrupt...
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!

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