On the fence.

Posted by: kiku

On the fence. - 01/24/13 11:10 AM

I liked this topic in the General Anime Discussion, so I thought it might be nice here in the 5 Points Pictures General Discussions for people to inquire about Live Action and/or K Drama titles.

Are you interested in a Live Action/K Drama title, but you're just not sure whether or not to go for it? Have you read some reviews, but would like to hear what some of the people at Anime Today have to say about it? Maybe the title isn't available for streaming video, so you can't preview it; or maybe it's a brand new title on DVD/BD and somebody here at the forum may have seen it through other means such as fansubs or other online resources and you'd like their opinion before you invest in the discs. If you're on the fence and would like to ask about a Live Action/K Drama title, ask here.
Posted by: kiku

Re: On the fence. - 01/24/13 11:11 AM

Ok I'll go first. Does anybody know anything about the upcoming "Bleak Night"? I think it looks kinda cool.