E3 2012

Posted by: Cheap One

E3 2012 - 05/29/12 02:10 AM

Well the big gaming event is almost here. What is everyone excited to hear about and/or expecting to get from this year's E3?

I am most looking forward to new info on Dead Or Alive 5, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4, Pikmen 3 and the Wii U pretty much in that order.

Conference times, shamelessly stolen from IGN:

Microsoft 10:00 am PST 1:00 pm EST
Electronic Arts 1:00 pm PST 4:00 pm EST
Ubisoft 3:00 pm PST 6:00 pm EST
Sony 6:00 pm PST 9:00 pm EST

Nintendo 9:00 am PST 12:00 pm EST

You can watch the Microsoft, EA and Nintendo conferences on Spike TV in the US. I will personally watch all the conferences from www.gametrailers.com like I do every year.

If you have never watched E3 press conferences before. Be ready for some long boring segments mainly from EA and Sony. Microsoft and Nintendo normally will have down times as well. Ubisoft is the one to watch as they normally are very off the wall with craziness
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Re: E3 2012 - 05/29/12 08:19 AM

Footage of Wii U games and hopefully a price for the Wii U, even though they've already claimed to not be Sharing that info at this E3..

Ummm,.. A Shenmu remake or sequel?
Posted by: Miroyasha

Re: E3 2012 - 05/30/12 10:47 PM

Thank you for posting those times!

As for myself i also will be watching on GameTrailers, I'm looking forward to the news on Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed 3.
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Re: E3 2012 - 05/30/12 10:54 PM

Originally Posted By: Miroyasha
Thank you for posting those times!

No problem. I am sure you know, but just in case those are the starting times. Though like every year I am sure some will be a few minutes late.
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Re: E3 2012 - 06/03/12 08:40 PM

Nintendo has done their pre-E3 Nintendo Direct


Nothing too exciting here, which is understandable as I am sure they want to show that off at E3 itself. The item I was most excited about was the Wii U Pro Controller. I do hope that is a sign of good things namely with Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart. I can deal with motion control Zeldas as Skyward Sword was a lot of fun.
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Re: E3 2012 - 06/05/12 12:52 PM

Thank God for Pikmin 3. As outside of that Nintendo didn't sale me on the WiiU.

Though the 3DS did look promising with Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion.

Ubisoft won the pressers this year with Farcry3, Assassin's Creed 3, and the new IP Watchdog.

Tomb Raider and Halo 4 looked great.

Team NINJA hasn't shown off thd new Dead Or Alive 5 stuff yet.
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Re: E3 2012 - 06/05/12 02:34 PM

Just seen the Dead Or Alive 5 trailer and it is great. I got pretty much what I wanted and expected out of E3 this year, with a nice surprise by Ubisoft with Watchdogs. I will look forward to playing a number of new games in 2012-2013 till next years E3.