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Revolutionary Girl Utena - 07/03/10 02:02 AM

Fantastic news that Nozomi have now licensed Utena (I've been hoping they'd rescue it for a while now), and that it will be produced from the remastered DVDs in Japan (which will hopefully be a significant quality improvement from the Central Park Media versions - especially the first third of the series).

I am curious on the translations for the release;

1) Will the subtitles for the release be newly translated or will this release recycle the Central Park Media subtitles (which had some issues) and
2) would it be possible to offer a choice of sub track as with Maria Watches Over Us (which was a great addition, thank-you!) - and have an option to leave the honorifics in-tact? This can be quite important in Utena, as the CPM subtitles were translating both -san and -sama as "Miss" and this can make some lines confusing, as well reducing the significance when a character switches. The CPM subtitles also had issues with terms like senpai which lead to some horribly clunky lines...

But ... great license choice, and I will definitely pre-order the series once it's listed!
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Re: Revolutionary Girl Utena - 07/06/10 12:07 PM

Great news, indeed!

Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment announced the license for the REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA television series, as well as plans to release its 39 episodes as three DVD box sets – featuring the remastered video from the Japanese DVD release with English audio, Japanese audio and English-language subtitles – during 2011.

I'm not knocking CPM, but now I'm glad that I waited. It's a major title that deserves a good release, and I'm sure Nozomi will do it justice. I've seen some of the series, and I almost bought the whole set on several occasions, but I never got around to it before it went out-of-print. Also, I'm so glad that a certain other company (which shall remain nameless, because I can't keep up with all of its names) didn't get this one.
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Re: Revolutionary Girl Utena - 07/19/10 02:42 PM

Further to the curiosity about the subtitles, will any special features from either the CPM or Remastered version of the series make it into the Nozomi release? Specifically things like the audio commentary on the final three episodes from CPM, or the live-action musical and Sega Saturn opening from the Remastered release?
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Re: Revolutionary Girl Utena - 08/01/11 02:37 PM

Those anyone have any additional Information other than what can be found on this Site
About the release of Revolutionary Girl Utena DVD set 3?
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Re: Revolutionary Girl Utena - 12/02/11 12:48 PM

Utena, Revolutionary Girl DVD Set 3
December 6th is almost here yummy