Tokyopop's return

Posted by: Swtchk

Tokyopop's return - 07/12/12 07:59 PM

I am trying to rally support for Tokyopop. I want them to be able to relicense their original titles. Please sign my petition to get Kare Kano back.
My Youtube video:
Tokyopop Facebook Support Groups:
Bring back all popular series tokyopop usa:
The hoping tokyopop comes back page:
Posted by: Manhiem

Re: Tokyopop's return - 07/13/12 09:43 AM

Ah, no. TokyoPop has proven to be too unreliable. Rather than have them fail again and leave another group of titles half done, I'd like to see them permanently disappear.
Posted by: kiku

Re: Tokyopop's return - 07/13/12 01:02 PM

I'm just happy that they brought us Brigadoon.