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#18297 - 07/16/10 08:52 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: Gevin]
Gevin Offline
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Anyone considering the bluray release of Ghost Hound?
It's got an msrp of 80 something but is popping up for preorder at various sites in the 65-70 range.
This release is coming from Sentai and features a dub. ..I believe it comes out around September.

I'd do it without thinking twice if it weren't for the fact that I already have so many other preorders..
For the time being, I'll just settle for asking y'alls opinions.

#18589 - 08/03/10 10:44 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: Stefanie]
AnimePocky Offline
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Some upcoming titles: Eden of the East, Summer Wars, Red Line, Trigun movie!

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#18598 - 08/04/10 06:52 AM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: AnimePocky]
baldylox Offline
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Originally Posted By: AnimePocky
Some upcoming titles: Eden of the East, Summer Wars, Red Line, Trigun movie!

Heh, every one of these is on my want list. smile

I'm also looking forward to the Queens Blade compact collection. I waited around and didnt get the singles because I knew that just after MB released the last disc of the series, they'd release the collection too.

But what I really want is my Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Disc 3!! I have had that on preorder for well over 3 months now and it just keeps getting pushed back by MB. If it gets pushed back again instead of being released at the end of this month, I am gonna have to choke a b!tch at MB..... laugh

Equal rights for all, special treatment for none.

#18652 - 08/06/10 02:31 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: baldylox]
EricDent Offline
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I added the collection version of Bamboo Blade to my "To Buy" list over on DVDaf. I also added the 2nd season of Haruhi as well.

I am interested in getting the rest of Hellsing Ultimate, and the Trigun movie when they get released. Also when they bring out Strike Witches season 2 I will surely at least rent it (and then buy it later when they do a full series set).
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#18719 - 08/11/10 07:21 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: EricDent]
DemonXSoultaker Offline
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Girls bravo collection from funi, Shakugan no shana season2/movie/ova, rosario + vampire season 1&2 and spice and wolf season 2 are my for sure buys if/when they come out. lol
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#48104 - 02/09/13 10:51 AM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: SpaceAnon]
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..... aka: WISH LIST .....

In addiction to being in a battle with fye to get them to get the
Fulfillment Center To log in the DVD Iíve returned so Iíll stopped getting those, Harassing "Return Delay"e-mails .
USPS Tracking shows it arrived there on the 25th of Jan.
( That Fulfillment Center just so happens to be right down I-65 from me,
Iíve often thought about going to see just what it is, Probably no more than a Warehouse )

These e-mails are sent to remind the buyer that he ( or she ) asked to return a DVD
( and received a Return Authorization ) but hasnít sent it back to them yet.
But to me itís just harassment, fye Customer Service says if anything is done to
stop those e-mails then it cancels the Return Authorization.
Aaarrrhhhhh !!!! cry

So that was the, "In addiction to",now on to what I was going to Post.

It looks like fye changed their Site and totally Wiped Out my Wish List.
Man, Iíll never be able to build that back up completely.
Whether itís fye, Amazon or RightSuf, I come across, old, odd, interesting stuff all the time.
And the only way to keep track of and remember it, is to put it in That Sites Wish List.

And the key Words, Anime & Japanese Anime have been removed from the Key Word Search List that use to be over on the left hand side of the page.
And if you do a "Anime" word search, it only shows Titles with the word Anime somewhere in the name.

And the list is only 4 pages, less than One hundred Titles, as oppose to the Old Site where if you typed in Anime youíd get thousands of Title hits.
And the Site as a whole sure seems to be less User Friendly than it had been.

One thing I did bring up when I last spoke to an fye Customer Service "Supervisor" the other day
( about the Return Delay )
I told her theyíre the worst when it comes to having to return items ( for whatever reason ) but a lot due to poor packing.
And of course, they're the worst at getting your Money Refunded as well.

I told her fye is dead last when compared to Righstuf, Amazon and even ebay.
And I told her the returns to fye are greater in number ( and this is true ) than all the other three combined.
One thing is she agreed with me, and she told me itís not the first time sheís heard that.

Of course none of this is going to help me with any problem Iím having with them butÖ.
Ah, I do feel better now ! grin

Oh, the Moral of the Story ???

See it, Smell it, Touch it, Taste it

#48131 - 02/09/13 06:28 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: SpaceAnon]
SD Maruko-kun Offline
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Loc: Netherlands
Quite the thread necromancy... wink

I just keep my wishlist in a simple text file on my harddisk.
W.r.t. anime it's more like a "waiting for move from announced to pre-order" list for me:

- Legendary Ninja Cats (Discotek 2013-04-30)
- Rose of Versailles (Nozomi part 1 2013-05-01, why doesn't part 2 have a release date yet?)
- Colorful: The Motion Picture (Sentai 2013-05-14)

- Lupin III Green vs. Red (Discotek 2013-05-21) (not listed at Rightstuf yet)

- Samurai Pizza Cats (Discotek) (2013-summer)
- Lovely Complex (Discotek) (2013-07-09)
- Captain Harlock TV (Discotek) (2013-06/2013-07?)
- Tekkaman Blade II (Discotek) (2013-??-??)
- Eureka Seven AO (Funimation) (????-??-??)
- Appleseed XIII (Funimation) (????-??-??)
- Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (Funimation) (2013-summer)
- Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari/Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar (Funimation) (2013?-??-??)
- Mardock Scramble 3 (Sentai) (2nd half 2013/1st half 2014?)

And then there's my "to buy" list for Australian releases:
- Dennou Coil (Siren Visual)
- Higurashi Kai (Siren Visual) (if for Kai the time between half season sets and full season set is the same as for the first series, I guess the Kai full season set might be released around May.)
- further Gundam Unicorn DVDs (Madman) (will be a bit silly, since the AU release is 1 episode/vol, while the USA release was 2 episodes/vol, So I'll end up with 1+2, 3+4, 5, 6, 7)

Edited by SD Maruko-kun (02/10/13 06:56 AM)
Edit Reason: Lovely Complex exact release date added
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#48132 - 02/09/13 07:26 PM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: SpaceAnon]
Animejr Offline
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I could make a very long list however it would take me forever to do it with my phone. Hoping to get a new computer very soon
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#48142 - 02/10/13 11:31 AM Re: Anime on your "To Buy" list [Re: SpaceAnon]
zrdb Online
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I'm definetly getting Dennou Coil as the fansubs I have leave a little to be desired.
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