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#47684 - 01/30/13 05:19 PM sailor moon in the future
sailormoon4ever Offline
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What are you hoping to see in the new anime and what merchandise would you like to see released?

#47686 - 01/30/13 05:43 PM Re: sailor moon in the future [Re: sailormoon4ever]
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I think I'd like it to be like a "director's cut" of the manga.
You know expand upon certain things, like the how the generals and the inner scouts knew each other, (Takeuchi wanted to include this but never got around to it.) etc, etc...

As for merch...
I want artbooks, figures (of all types!), purses, (NOT TOTES! mad ) maybe plushies...
In short... as much as I can afford... wink
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#47692 - 01/30/13 08:28 PM Re: sailor moon in the future [Re: sailormoon4ever]
zrdb Offline
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I expect it'll be Sailor Moon.
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#47693 - 01/30/13 10:33 PM Re: sailor moon in the future [Re: sailormoon4ever]
sevi Offline
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As long as we get to see everything that's in the original ( no changing character's genders or making couples into relatives) and it sticks to the source material with slight expansions storyline wise.
As for merchandise I'd want figures which include the Outer Senshi this time and replicas of the transformation pens. Maybe a working replica of the music box that Tuxedo Mask gave to Sailor Moon. Although as long as it's well made I'll buy almost anything grin
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#47933 - 02/05/13 12:13 PM Re: sailor moon in the future [Re: sailormoon4ever]
MarkX999 Offline
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Remastered audio... smile


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