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#47999 - 02/06/13 12:42 PM Re: archived orders [Re: kiku]
PetrifiedJello Offline
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Originally Posted By: kiku
Is the aforementioned distributor, the place where you recruited your kawaii army?

One of several. I also buy from Hobby Link Japan, (classified section), and RACS.

I would not be joking when I say my figure collection is 4x the amount paid for my DVD collection.
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#48018 - 02/06/13 06:36 PM Re: archived orders [Re: PetrifiedJello]
SD Maruko-kun Offline
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Originally Posted By: PetrifiedJello
I can attest that whatever I spent at TRSI would be a drop in the bucket compared to what I've paid to Hobby Search Japan. Now that total remains hidden, especially from myself.

I dare not see what I've spent. My heart won't take it. wink

Hmm, lists prices for most figures in their database, so I wonder why they AFAIK don't have "total value of your collection" as a possible statistic. They seem to have total weight and "total height when stacked on top of eachother", which are more silly statistics... (Yay, my last activity there: 3 years ago...)
Super rough estimate, I'd think I'm upto about $15K for anime and "only" $5K for figures, model kits etc.

I never archived orders, but the list in my account only goes back to 2007, while my Rightstuf orders mail archive goes way, way further than that.
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