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#43954 - 10/29/12 05:54 PM Funniest Series/OVA You've Ever Seen!!!!
zrdb Offline
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For me it would have to be Dragon Half, Elf Princess Rane and the Hot Springs Planet Tenrei episode of Outlaw Star.
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#43967 - 10/29/12 10:01 PM Re: Funniest Series/OVA You've Ever Seen!!!! [Re: zrdb]
kiku Online
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I'm nearing the halfway point in the series Pani Poni Dash! and I find myself laughing out loud a lot. It's kinda weird too, because I'm watching it all by myself.
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#43971 - 10/29/12 11:09 PM Re: Funniest Series/OVA You've Ever Seen!!!! [Re: zrdb]
Nambu Hakase Offline
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I kept watching in disbelief thinking, "oh no they didn't!"
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#43972 - 10/29/12 11:12 PM Re: Funniest Series/OVA You've Ever Seen!!!! [Re: zrdb]
shinjiyo Offline
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theres probably a few for me but i can recall some names. Baka and test was one of the few that made me laugh especially S2 episode four if im correct.
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#43980 - 10/30/12 12:16 AM Re: Funniest Series/OVA You've Ever Seen!!!! [Re: zrdb]
EricDent Offline
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Full Metal Panic Fumofuu
School Rumble
and many others that I can't think of right now...
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