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#43196 - 10/11/12 12:12 AM How many anime do you watch?
Nambu Hakase Offline
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I look through the forum seeing how much anime you're all buying and currently watching and it makes my head spin. I used to keep track of my own viewing habits. I pulled up my data at It says over the past 3 years I've been watching 94 episodes per month (about 3/day). Are you watching more or less than that?
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#43197 - 10/11/12 12:18 AM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
Cheap One Offline
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Registered: 10/06/11
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I watch less than that. 3 episodes a day seems a little much for me. Though I could maybe pull that when I get in a new blu-ray/dvd as I like to marathon them.

#43198 - 10/11/12 12:42 AM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
EricDent Offline
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Loc: Texas
When I was unemployed (after looking for work) sometimes I would marathon an entire series in one day. Sometimes I did 2 if I felt like it.

Now with work, I usually watch maybe one or two discs a week (maybe more if I get something new).

I tried to do a "what have you watched" thing over on ANN, but I kinda gave up since I have been watching for so long that I kinda forget what I have seen.
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#43201 - 10/11/12 02:51 AM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
dark_producer Offline
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ill usually watch 5 or 6 episodes at a time but im not watching on a daily basis. the most i did in one day was when i tried to marathon Slayers. i tore through the first season, NEXT and started TRY in that first day. i finished the series and a few of the ovas in less than 3 days.....i haven't done anything like that since...
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#43204 - 10/11/12 11:38 AM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
kiku Offline
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My anime watching habits are a fickle mistress to be sure. I don't really keep track of them however. That time is better spent watching anime. wink I think it depends on the anime. I just discovered Shuffle! for example. I tore through the entire series in 2 days! shocked I just couldn't put it down!
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#43208 - 10/11/12 01:14 PM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
joelgundam01 Online
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Loc: Western NY
It's varies, since I have multiple hobbies.

Sometimes it can be 2-4 hours a day, while sometimes it's 0. Currently, the only anime I have been watching for the past few weeks has been on Toonami (Saturday nights).

I'm planning to start rewatching a few titles from my collection soon (perhaps even tonight). Otherwise, I've been focusing heavily on my other hobbies.

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#43212 - 10/11/12 03:22 PM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
J.E.S. Offline
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Registered: 05/23/09
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Loc: Philadelphia, PA
You know for me, it's seasonal.
I tend to watch more anime when it's colder cause I can stay in my room all cozy like.
I watch less in the summer cause I want to save money and not have the air on all the time.
And when I do watch, it depends on how good a series is.
If its really good I watch it with a week or two.
And if it's not so good... it can take me months.
It took me almost a year to get trough Saiyuki.
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#43213 - 10/11/12 04:09 PM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
UPSF Vice Admiral

Registered: 07/07/11
Posts: 7711
Loc: Louisville,Ky.
I like to watch all of one thing before starting on another. ( but watching a couple at a time has happened )
There are very few shows on TV that I like to watch soÖÖ
Most of my time is spent watching DVDís, Anime or Live action.

At this moment Iím going through all of the special features of the Twilight Saga.
( I already watched all the movieísÖ grinwatched them all in one night grin )
Iíll then re-watch the Movieís with the Commentary turned on, then Iíll go back to Anime.
( and give the Twilight DVDís back to my Daughter in-law )

But most of my viewing is AnimeÖ.
If I am at Home and Iím not on the Computer, Sleeping or Cutting the Grass, THEN YESÖ.
The odds are I have an Anime in the Player, Iíd say normally itís about 80/20 ( Anime / Live Action )
However, it can vary wildly if youíre measuring from week to week, like all this week itís been Live Action.
( I was out of new Anime and I didnít re-watch any Öthat I recallÖ )

HoweverÖ Heavenís Memo Pad, Hyper Speed Grandoll, Steins; Gate, Rozen Maiden, Deadman Wonderland.
All came in today, so Iím loaded for Bear, for Anime watching.
And I just got 4 new Live Action DVDís inÖ. I tackle those after my next block of Anime viewing.
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#43218 - 10/11/12 08:11 PM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
zrdb Offline
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Loc: In The US-SR.
Probally 90% of what I watch is anime-I watch a mixture of stuff I buy, crunchyroll rips and fansubs. The other 10% of what I watch is science fiction such as Promtheus which I got yesterday and fantasy.
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#43225 - 10/11/12 10:13 PM Re: How many anime do you watch? [Re: Nambu Hakase]
EricDent Offline
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Registered: 05/28/10
Posts: 3829
Loc: Texas
Of course we could go with the obvious meme answer....

OVER 9000!!!!
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