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#41176 - 08/21/12 03:18 PM Re: New website - some details of new features [Re: TroyR]
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Originally Posted By: TroyR
BW... I think that is a browser setting to warn when switching from secure to non-secure content.

What you are doing is technically leaving secure (https) and using just http since the boards don't use http. You should be able to set it to not warn you when using Hm.

Why did it just start doing that ?
I havenít done anything that Iím aware of, that would cause this.
Also I donít know how to exempt a Site.

Turns out it harder to get around the Site then I thought.
Itís more then what Iíve already said.
About it doing this only if I was coming from My Account.
Turns out it any /everyway I try to come in.

Oh, well
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#41180 - 08/21/12 04:42 PM Re: New website - some details of new features [Re: BWBODDY]
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Originally Posted By: BWBODDY
Iím on the Order Page, I then clicked on ForumsÖ.
"Only secure content is displayed" ------ "Show all content" appears.
I click on "Show all content" , and now Iím on the Forum main page.
Now if I click on any of the topics....
"Only secure content is displayed" ------ "Show all content" appears again.
I click on "Show all content'' , and that Topic will appear, etc, etcÖ..

Like I said this happens ( at least so far it seems ) only if I start out on my "Order page".

AFAIK that warning is settable in the browser to warn when a secure (https) page loads some of its content (an image, script or something like that) insecurely (http) .

Skimming over the forum index html source when using https to access the forum:
the stylesheet link ""
(see the http instead of https there) might be the cause of the warning.
Now that I think about it: the forum allows remote avatars, so http content in a https page is kind of unavoidable... frown

If you'd absolutely would want to have the forum not cause such "mixed content" warnings, I guess you'd have to completely force the forum to http or at most use https for login.

Oh and a remark to Rightstuf: it might not be optimal to broadcast to the world what your LAN IP range is wink :
( input type="hidden" name="curl" value="http%3A%2F%2F192.168.4.29%2Fubbthreads%2Fubbthreads.php%2Fforum_summary.html )
Feel free to moderator-edit out these last few lines. grin

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#41193 - 08/22/12 11:54 AM Re: New website - some details of new features [Re: SD Maruko-kun]
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There are a few glitches with making the forums completely SSL-friendly. It is a goal to have the whole site SSLed, but we're a bit off from that still.

You guys weren't running to the https to http redirect warning, or mixed content warnings before because it wasn't working at all before (you'd get an internal server error when coming from SSL pages such as the "Your Account" area) before the redirect would be sent.

We'll get the glitches ironed out, we just weren't able to spend more time on it at the moment, and I hate to just toss in absolute URLs everywhere because it makes testing the site on our development machines more difficult. smile
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#41570 - 09/06/12 03:43 PM Re: New website - some details of new features [Re: The Dark Lord]
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I haven't been on this site in months.. came here and saw all of this! I felt lost for a moment.

Sub only

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