Hello everyone,

I'm currently enrolled in a Principles of Management Information Systems class. One of our first assignment it to search out a IT professional or a business professional involved recently in the implementation of a new system. After finding one I need to ask them questions about what they do and write a report on it. Now my instructor is allowing us to find a IT professional by any means such as through Linkedin, Facebook, Friends, family, work, etc to get our answers. Since I really don't anyone in person that work in the IT field. I thought I would try my luck on message boards I visit.

So if you're a: IT Project Manager, IT Business Analyst, IT Security Analyst, Database Administrator, etc. Can you please help me out and answer (as detailed as you can) the questions below.

If you need any clarifications please ask. If you don't feel comfortable posting what your business does openly. Please send me a PM.

Any help would be appreciated,

What is your name (First name and last initial is fine)?

What type of job do you have do?

For whom do you work for?

What projects (implementing systems, etc) are you currently working on for the organization?

What projects have you recently completed?

What IT applications has the firm recently implemented?

Were the most recently applications developed in-house, were they outsourced development or were they application software packages that were customized and purchased?

How much time do you spend in each of the following activities?
  • Gathering requirements
  • Researching hardware/software options
  • Documenting
  • Programming
  • Training and developing training materials/user manuals
  • Customizing existing software
  • Software maintenance