ANIME TODAY 121: The Summer Fun Event With  Anime Expo 2011 Sneak Peek, TEKKEN in 3D Preview & Summer Convention Survival Tips

Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to present the ANIME TODAY Summer Event and to welcome Kim Groomes of Anime Expo 2011, founder Patrick Delahanty, and Robert Napton of Bandai Entertainment to episode 121 of Anime Today.

First up, Kim Groomes, the director of marketing for Anime Expo (AX), previews what fans attending the convention’s 20th anniversary event can expect to find, including guests of honor from the anime, manga, gaming and music industries, Hatsune Miku (and her entourage), the world premiere of the anime film LASTEXILE -Fam, The Silver Wing-, and much, much more.

Patrick Delahanty, the founder of, returns to Anime Today with his road-tested “Top 10 Summer Con Survival Tips” and news about how you can use the AnimeCons site to track your fan gatherings and meet other fans.   

Can’t make it to a convention near you? Robert Napton, Bandai Entertainment’s marketing director, also returns to preview Bandai and Fathom Event’s upcoming theatrical release of TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance in 3D. The world premiere of this feature film will take place in movie theaters across the United States – for one-night only – on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. An exclusive interview with TEKKEN Project Director Katsuhiro Harada and screenwriter Dai Sato (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf’s Rain) will be screened following the film’s presentation. Tickets are on sale now via

Additionally, Right Stuf and Bandai Entertainment kick off a new contest for free tickets to the theatrical screening of the TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance movie in 3D.

Also in Episode 121, listen to tracks from artists BONE IDOL (“Surf on the Golden Wave”), FLOPPY (“Surftronica”), CAPRiS (“Summertime blues”) and ROCKET K (“Shout it out loud”).

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