Plus more Japanese wedding traditions, reviews, contests & more in episode 115!

Right Stuf, Inc. is pleased to present this year’s Anime Expo 2010 fan special – featuring interviews with cosplayers and other convention attendees – in episode 115 of ANIME TODAY.

Also in Episode 115:

  • Chad shares “What’s Hot” in the world of anime and manga.
  • Rich announces the latest Year of the Otaku winners and the winners of the VIZ Pictures/ K-20: The Fiend With 20 Faces contest. Then he kicks off two new contests: a chance to win a Golgo 13 figure from Max Factory’s Figma line and a K-drama contest for a copy of the Tamra Island DVD box set from YA Entertainment.
  • Kris and Judy are back with a second wedding-themed edition of the “Anime and Gamer’s Guide.”
  • Listen to clips from the Revolutionary Girl Utena: Virtual Star Embryology CDsoundtrack from Geneon Music. Also hear tracks from artists END OF START (“PHOTOGRAPH” from ALL THE THINGS), tokyo pinsalocks (“Travelling Spoon”), kaori (“Dear best friends” ), Daisuke Suzuki (“Two For The Road” from The Cinema Paradise Love Stories), and Jun Abe (“Built for Speed” from THE SENSIMILLIA FAMILY TREE).
  • And finally, ANIME TODAY highlights some of the newest fan reviews from visitors.

Ready to listen in? Check out episode 115 now!

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