Stuf for Clubs Newsletter, July 2008

Stuf for Clubs Newsletter, September 2009


Hey, Anime Fans!


Every autumn I find myself looking forward to one of my favorite holidays, Halloween - and no, it’s not just for all the fun-sized candy that suddenly hits my local grocery store shelves. I have a serious love for scary stories, and that includes horror anime and manga series. So as All Hallows’ Eve creeps up, make sure you snag a supply of frightfully good anime and manga to keep you company on the upcoming chilly fall nights.


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Licensing and News Roundup


In early September, A.D. Vision, Inc. announced the completion of a series of transactions transferring licenses to AEsir Holdings, LLC and SXION 23, LLC, as well as Valkyrie Media Partners, LLC’s acquisition of 100% equity position in Anime Network, Inc. and Seraphim Studios, LLC’s acquisition of Amusement Park Media. Shortly thereafter, SXION 23 (Section23) announced a number of Sentai Filmworks November releases, Blue Drop Complete Collection, Polyphonica Complete Collection, Special A (S.A) Collection 1, Tears To Tiara Collection 1, You're Under Arrest Season 2 Collection 1 and Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy Collection 2. Section23 also announced Switchblade Pictures’ November releases, Ki-Gai and sci-fi thriller Nu-Meri ~ Book of the New Spawn.


Last weekend, a number of companies announced the below new licenses at the New York Anime Festival.


Del Rey: Arisa, Code:Breaker, Here I Am! (Koko ni Iru Yo!), Rave Master, Yokai Navi Runa.

FUNimation: Initial D, X TV/OVA.

Tokyopop: .hack//Link, Blood Honey, Croquis, Cute Demon, Love Story in the Isolated Island, Qwasar Stigmata, Ratman, Songs and Laughter.

Vertical Press: Chi's Sweet Home, Needles, Peepo Choo, Twin Spica.

Viz Manga: Bakuman, Gente (Gente ~Ristorante no Hitobito~), Grand Guignol Orchestra, Kamisama (Hajimemashite, Kamisama), Loups-Garous, The Next Continent, Nice to Meet You, Toriko, What's the Answer (Kotae ha Mittsu).


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Anime Today Rundown


If you haven’t had the chance to listen to our latest Anime Today podcasts, you’ve been missing out!


Episode 100, our Anime Iowa Special, includes on-the-spot interviews with Studio Capsule’s Emily DeJesus, voice actors Greg Ayres and Robert Axelrod, and attendees. I offer up a new “If…/Then” featuring Kannagi, and Judy tackles a question about Japan’s perceptions of manga fans compared to anime fans.


The New York Anime Festvial programming director, Peter Tatara, and programming coordinator, Kim Mueller, take a few moments to talk with Rich, Nick and Alison about the events and guests planned for attendees in episode 101. The episode also includes a new review from Marie covering Natsuki Takaya’s Phantom Dream and music from Swinging Popsicles’ LOUD CUT.


In episode 102, voice actress Stephanie Sheh joins us to talk about returning to her role in Eureka Seven, while Kris and Judy discuss Japanese citizens’ concerns about Google Maps’ street view feature. The episode also features tunes from mothercoat’s mama manner, interphone and birdless.


To catch up on the latest Anime Today, remember to visit us at where you can download both enhanced and audio only versions of our podcast!   


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Stuf for Clubs Question of the Month Winner


Congratulations to Wendy M. from the Dorothy Bramlage Public Library’s Anime After School Club! Wendy’s the winner of our most recent Stuf for Clubs giveaway and will soon receive a copy of the Gakuen Alice DVD Collection.

We’ll see you next month!

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