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#11051 - 06/23/09 12:30 AM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: Evil Overlord]
jr0904 Offline
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Originally Posted By: Evil Overlord
Originally Posted By: poehitman
I have a suggestion. Stop licensing anime and then releasing it without an english dub track. I refuse to waste my money on sub-only DVD's

I prefer dubbed anime as well and will wait for those releases. I do rent subbed animes if that is the only one available at the time, but I only buy dubbed.

Same here.However i ONLY watch & buy english dubs.Hopefully the series that were released subbed only like Aria and Maria sama will have a dub version.

As for new series,you should try licensing Queens Blade & Also Nanoha StrikerS,the Nanoha Movie,Zero no Tuskaima 2nd and 3rd Season,and Shakugan no Shana II and it's Movie.And Hopefully has a english version.

#11692 - 07/11/09 09:25 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: CandyCandy]
TenTen143 Offline
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I would really suggest that you guys dub the upcoming Junjou Romantica anime instead of just having subs which i think may be a waste of money D: I mean I bought ur Gravitation DVDs and their dubbed so why not this too be dubbed?

P.S. I have watched your Gakuen Alice DVD boxset and it seems there's quite a few typos o.O esp the last ep where there was one line that was not subbed. ._.

#11843 - 07/16/09 09:23 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: TenTen143]
LK4D4 Offline
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I would also like to vote for Dubs as well. It may be late but ARIA could have deserved one.

"kimikiss" would be another excellent anime in mind to license.

#11856 - 07/17/09 11:43 AM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: TenTen143]
Christy Offline
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Hi, TenTen143!

We're trying to pin down the unsubbed line of dialogue you mentioned. Would you mind please passing us its time code when you have a moment?

Thank you!
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#11898 - 07/19/09 03:30 AM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: Christy]
TenTen143 Offline
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Um it's between 13:10 - 13:20 hope this helps :3 and as i said before... you guys had quite a LOT of typos... esp. the episode called "Rais'E' the curtain, Snow White Sleeping Beauty" on the back of volume 4. You forgot the 'e' in Raise... smirk

Any reason why this series wasn't dubbed??? (was looking forward to it being dubbed D: but subbed is fine...)

#12191 - 07/28/09 09:25 AM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: sailorsarah]
michaelthesecond Offline
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Originally Posted By: sailorsarah
I would really like to see TRSI sub Myself; Yourself.

I agree about Myself; Yourself. It is a great less heard of romance title.

But please think seriously about ef: A Tale of Memories, as far as I'm concerned, its the best anime ever. Amazing visuals, so emotional, gives me goose bumps each time I watch it.

Thanks for considering!

#12322 - 08/03/09 05:07 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: michaelthesecond]
sailorsarah09 Offline
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Myself; Yourself does need more love than it gets. I may just be a shoujo addict but can you save the rest of Kodocha? It doesn't deserve to die. A sub only release would be nice compared to crappy fansubs on my itsy-bitsy computer screen.

#12342 - 08/04/09 03:50 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: sailorsarah09]
Lkd35 Offline
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I would like to see Junjou Romantica released in English and Japanese audio. If it is released in Japanese audio and English subtitles only it will be disappointing. I don't know yet if I will buy it in subtitles only I will see. If it was released in English audio I would buy it for sure.

#12347 - 08/04/09 10:48 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: Lkd35]
Kame-tan Offline
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I was soooo happy to hear Junjou Romantica getting licensed by you guys! Gravitation was great and I look forward to Junjou Romantica! ♥♥♥
It's gonna be dubbed, right? Dubbed, right?! ºwº I'd pay extra if I could hear the audio drama tracks from the OSTs in English! XD I'd pay even more if you had something like cellphone charms in an artbox! Maybe a set of postcards with art from the series? Beware of fangirls... >:D

Anyway, I suggest (if possible) 07-Ghost and Axis Powers: Hetalia. 07-Ghost because it's such a great story and Hetalia because it's so flippin' CUTE~!!

Personally (even though they probably wouldn't be very popular), I'd love to see Natsume Yuujinchou, Amatsuki, and Needless dubbed, but that's just me. ~_^

#12516 - 08/13/09 03:47 PM Re: Suggested anime for Right Stuf to license [Re: Kame-tan]
memyselfandi Offline
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I would be strongly biased towards purchasing Myself, Yourself ... I liked the series a lot, particularly the opening theme which I bought the single for the last time I was in Japan smile

Other series, anything ToHeart/ToHeart2 related ... I have your release of series 1 and the Japanese releases of everything else (and the upcoming OVA due later this year on pre-order) but I would quite happily double dip on all of it. Ef, both series, would be a nice couple of series to have along with KimiKiss Pure Rouge and the various Minami-ke installments.

The two series though which I think would fit well with you previous releases would be Manabi Straight (in a Gakuen Alice sort of way) which is a nice school based series about people working together to achieve something against the odds and Aoi Hana (a summer '09 release currently available via CrunchyRoll), which looks to be a nice gentle series with a, slightly more yuri, Maria-sama feel.

Speaking of which, any chance of talking to someone like Yen press and trying to get the Maria-sama manga/novels released in English? smile

edit: looking back at the previous postings I think I should make clear for the record that whilst I like to have a dub available, if possible, to give me the option of watching a series that way I actually tend to watch things normally subbed anyway so a release which is not dubbed is not a show stopper for me (and I understand some of the reasons why you may not want/be able to justify a dub track for every series)

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