We understand that clubs have a variety of shows in their library - many of them from different companies like ADV, FUNimation, VIZ, Media Blasters, Right Stuf, etc. That's a lot of screening permissions to manage! To help our members out, we at Stuf for Clubs have compiled a handy screening permissions guide on the forums so your organization can make sure your permission requests are sent to the right people, in the right format! Not only that, but we can update this guide as necessary based on suggestions from you - the club members!

Information Needed for a Permission Request
Each company will need the same general information in order to process your screening permission quickly and efficiently.
  • Your name and your organization's name
  • Your mailing address and email
  • Address of the screening
  • Title of the show, disc/volume number, and episode number
  • The date(s) of the showing
  • The time(s) of the showing
  • The purpose of the showing
  • Whether there is a fee charged for a showing (most companies look down on this, unless it is part of a convention)

Write "request for screening permission" in the subject line or "c/o screening permissions" in the address if you are mailing a letter.

Email your requests at least 10-14 days before you intend to screen the title, or further in advance if you are mailing a letter.

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