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Hi, so new to this. I was wondering if I could get a few pointers and tips from those of you that have been getting licensing for anime to show in your clubs. What I am really interested in is which companies do you find are the easiest to work with. I have already work with Nozomi, and they have been great. My club just has not had much luck with the others. Are there differnt methood for dealing with the differnt companies? Thanks

RIGHT STUF NOZOMI: Awesome. They are always quick to reply.

VIZ: Hit or miss. On their form they ask for three months lead time on requests, and based on the notes I get on the return fax they really do appreciate it. But half the time I have to fax my request again and don't always get a response.

FUNIMATION: When they had their Operation Anime thing, they were awesome. Now I have trouble getting a response from their anime club division. I e-mailed them about that, asking if I was supposed to get confirmation or if I should simply consider the mailed in request as automatic permission. I was basically given an e-mail address of a specific person and said if I ask him, I should get confirmation... but he never did reply. That's a bit frustrating since 75% of what we show ends up being FUNimation.

AnimEigo: I remember them being quick and easy (no forms... simply ask and they say, "Sure thing!"), but they don't have much anime left anymore to use them much.

Aniplex: They always got back with me quickly and were very friendly.

Section23: Pretty good to work with and I've gotten responses.

Media Blasters: Finding a way to contact them is a headache. There is no contact on their website, and the e-mail at the beginning of this thread no longer works. I tried e-mailing other staff and no one responded. Someone earlier suggested going through Facebook, so that's an option (I'm about to try now), but no clue if I'll actually get a response.

I think those are the ones I've worked with, although I could be blanking on someone. Right Stuf, Viz, FUNimation, and Section23 require a form to be filled out (you can e-mail Right Stuf the form and fax Viz theirs, but FUNimation and Section23 want a copy physically mailed to them).

Of all the companies, Right Stuf is by far the easiest to work with, along with Section23. I dread having to ask FUNimation, Viz, and Media Blasters because it's up in the air if I'll get a response, then I'm stuck trying to decide if I'm in compliance showing something.