The character designs, wile quiet different, are not really what I hate the most about it. The personalities are completely changed, the details in the art work are non-existent, and it just seemed like each episode was far less thought out then in the first season. I only made it 5 episodes into the 2nd one.

Yes, you can argue that the story is closer to the manga. And I would agree with that fact. The first season concentrated on the girls and the story as to why they existed really took a back seat. Because of that I don't know if they felt it necessary to present the story the way they did for the 2nd season or if there was another reason for it. But it just felt so wrong the way they tried to play "catch up" with the story.
And slowly, you'll come to realize. It's all as it should be. You can only do so much. If you're game enough, you could place your trust in me. For the love of life, there's a trade off. We could loose it all, but we'll go down fighting.