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theyd get so much more sales if they werent such douches when it came to pricing DX

More sales doesn't always equal more profit. Businesses are in for the profit, they don't give two [deleted] on the sales numbers as long as they are making money.

I know you don't like it and I don't either for the most part, but if it works for Aniplex then I'm not going to complain. I'm a collector and sometimes there is value in buying those really expensive LE box sets. It just depends on the title. If they acquired an older Gundam series like ZZ, Turn-A, V or X, gave it a proper dub and then released a limited edition Blu-ray set for $250. I'll probably be first in line, because I'm a big Gundam fan and an expensive price tag is less of a bitter pill to swallow, when it is on something you really like.

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