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Lexx Episode 1

This is some weird s???! Lexx is a little gem from 1995. Holy cow! 1995, I'm gettin' old. Anyhoo... there's a lot of flavors here. I taste a bit o' Doctor Who, a hint o' Firefly, maybe some BBC Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy... and maybe a pinch of Riddick? It's funny, it's a little twisted, and it's ambitious. With a wee bit o' suspension of disbelief, there's a lot to be enjoyed here. I would imagine many might find the dated CGI a nuisance, but personally; I find it to be endearing. Lexx is definitely over the top, and reeks of B movie; but that's it's charm. I'm gonna have to see it through to discover whether or not Lexx takes itself seriously.

Yah Lexx is great ! grin

Itís a Germany Production, IIRC..
Which makes it BBC-ish w/o the British Accents and fish & chips jokes.
And an all-round better production value.
Yeah, it comes off as very B movie-ish at times, but at the same time; some of the shots of the Lexx itself and alien landscapes are inspired and quite impressive.
No matter where you go, there you are.