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I pay for Regular Cable not Digital Cable.
( I don‘t have that Big Digital Box )
But the signal is now Digital, so I have a converter, it’s a little box about the same size as my Motorola DSL Modem.
It converts the signal to Digital, but doesn’t auto adjust the image like the full blown Digital Boxes do. ( at least I think they do... Do they ? )

There's your problem! Analog/Standard cable is standard definition (4:3, 480i) channels only. You might be able to pick up a few local network HD channels (depending if your cable company locked out the option or not), that your digital converter/tuner will be able to pick up but that's about it.

It doesn't matter if they come in an analog signal or digital signal. Standard definition is standard definition.

I have a 26" Hitachi HD TV and it has a built in digital tuner. When I had analog cable, I was able to pick up 8 digital HD channels (NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, PBS, ION and WGN America), since my local cable company didn't lock out the local HD channels. The HD channels were in 16:9 (depending on the show) and were either in 720p or 1080i.

My TV has a few fillers that gets rid of grain, static and color bleeding. This really made the analog channels (all in SD) look really good compared to my SDTV. However, I had to manually change the aspect ratio, if I wanted full screen. Either I selected Full/16:9 (for black bars on the sides) or Zoom (for black bars on all four side).

Last June, I switched to Dish and I get a lot of HD channels and the satellite box has a built in upscaler for the SD channels. Again, I need to manually adjust the aspect ratio on the box, but it remembers the ratio setting for each channel.

Edit: To prevent us from going off topic any further. If you want to talk more about this BW. Feel free to shoot me a PM.

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