Let's see what I would recommend from the current sale items:

Madlax: a step up from Noir, since the characters are not cold blooded killers. Though the supernatural elements & plot are a bit odd.

My Santa: if you enjoy Ken Akumatsu (Love Hina, Negima) this is a fun & short show. As usual there are cute girls in revealing outfits.

Daphne: A show chock full of action & fanservice, and is a steal at that price.

Allison & Lillia: a fun show with a good plot, decent action, and fun characters. With the deal you get both parts for less than the cost of one.
Though it is sub-only, and it still has a kinda unfinished ending.

Welcome to the NHK: a dark comedy that is very fun. The anime is better than the manga, and at that price you can't go wrong.

Summer Wars: this movie is a lot of fun & full of action. Sure it's a lot like Digimon, but who cares.

Other stuff worth looking at:

Ushio & Tora: for an older show it's pretty fun & has good action & comedy.

Colorful: yes the show is about guys trying to look at girls panties, but they way they handle it is pretty fun.

Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!