just something I thought of at the moment. Has anyone seen or encounter a ghost before? I know I have... Damn scary I tell you.

It happen to me when I was 13 at the time. I was downstairs with two of my sister. We were looking at some ghost stories and what not in the basement (that's where our computer was put.... basement -sigh-). I think the site was called sfogs or something. It was in the middle of October (smart thinking right? lol). So it was late at night around 10pm or so. I had to go upstairs to close all the bedroom doors and get my baby sister her bottle of milk. Just when I was about to close the last door, I look up and drop on my ass as fast as one could fall and saw through the gap of the door that was about a foot apart from closing entirely, a lady in a white dress/nighty of some sort with long black hair, floated in mid-air ask me. Why are you still here? I scream and ran down as fast as I possibly can, down into the basement.

Anyways days later. This is one of the weird and creepy but not that scary moment I'd experience. It was night time and it was only me and my older brother. My older brother went outside to smoke. Now I was alone in the house for about 5 minute or so but in that time it was creepy. I was in the living room and I was still paranoid about what happen a few nights back. So I decide to be in the middle of the living room surrounded by the couches. Suddenly when I turned my head to my left I saw a black distinctive shadow crawling on both knee's and hand really quickly behind a couch and it went behind another couch. The way it look I could tell it was a women. But the movement seem really unnatural. It look as though when your watching a movie and fast forward a scene, it is obviously fast (that was creepy, I will never forget that). Thats what I saw. Than there was this little stool that was next to me, I immediately stood on it and yelled out maybe it was my brother trying to scare me after what I told my family but the thing is I didn't hear any door open and closing after my brother went outside to smoke. I was speechless in awe, pale. A little later my brother came back and I was able to reform myself but was frighten the whole night.

Because of this experience I couldn't be in the dark by myself for about 2 years but I eventually got over it. I still get goosebumps talking or telling it to people.

Well that's my story. I just thought I let it out. a little late now since its November but oh well. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! lol
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