I thought Iíd go ahead and start the 1st Thread in this Forum Topic.
I never knew how many Titles I owned so, I went ahead and counted.

I always condense my Anime and I keep my Adult Titles in a place ( shelf slotted for 14mm Cases )
that only excepts the 14mm ( standard ) sized Cases, I have 14mm Cases that will hold up to 6 discís

This means each case could ( and most do ) hold up to 6 Titles ( discís )
and Titleís like Bible Black take up two cases, but I count them as one Title.

Ever Title I have I own all of the volumes of, unless it wasnít Dubbed into English.

And much to my surprise ( cause I didnĎt know ), at this time the Collection consist of 85 Titles.

So there you go, the 1st Thread grin
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