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Does that mean that even the included DVD copy is better than the original DVD, or just the Blu-ray?

Just the Blu-ray. The DVD version are the same discs that were in the previous collections.

I really recommend to start using that Blu-ray player that you bought. I'm starting to see a noticeable quality difference between Funimation's BDs and DVDs.

HmmmmÖ Strike Witches is one of those Titles that, I would actually buy the re-issue of Season 1
In Blu-ray / DVD combo. ( if I am impressed with the Blu-ray quality over the DVD ) of Season 2.

But my Flat Screen and Blu-ray player are both just run of the mill models.
So far I havenít been that impressed with the difference in any of the Anime combo packs Iíve bought.
The DVDís of all my Anime Combo Packs, have looked just as Good as the Blu-ray disc did when played in the Blu-ray player.

If season 2 ends up being the same ( results above ) Iíll be able to combine my current Season 1 with Season 2 into a smaller case.
Theyíll all fit in the Original Complete Collection case ( As Season One was Originally sold as )
The season 2 blu-ray discís will stay in the Original Case, packed up in the Garage along with all the other empty ( or near empty ) Anime cases Iíve condensed

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