The fight choreography was excellent, the best I've seen in awhile. It was over the top, yet done so well that it was believable. The special features are great to watch. They even have some during the credits. Definitley watch the credits. You wouldn't believe what some of the actors had to go through to film this. Strangely enough; the excellent action is combined with an excellent storyline. More often than not, these two facets don't ride tandem. Yanin "Jeeja" Vismistananda was awesome as the autistic savant Zen. Watching her mimic some of martial art's greatest was a real treat.

Mushi-Shi The Movie

This one was a real mind bender. I think more will be cleared up for me when I watch the anime series. The cinematography was gorgeous. What a cool color palette. There were a lot of muted colors. That leads me to say that it's reminiscent of Tim Burton's work, but Mushi-Shi is it's own beast. I believe that Mushi-Shi used some sort of distinctive filming technique. Blemishes in the film could be seen occasionally, harkening back to the films of yore. It really lent to the overall feel of the film. I'm under the assumption they were put in there purposefully. The Mushi themselves were very well done. Nothing felt out of place. Kudos to the special effects team. My favorite were Tanyu's "characters".
No matter where you go, there you are.