As I am sure all of you have already noticed, the site was updated yesterday and has a whole new look. Certainly, change is scary and things might not be exactly where they were before. I hope you'll take some time to do some exploring; if you can't find what you are looking for, reply here and we'll point you to it and/or see if there are changes we need to make to have things more accessible. The new site is the culmination of many months of work by our entire IT staff, and although we did have it available for proofing, as with any very large project, there's likely to be some issues. We're actively working to address many of these, with a number of modifications already posted in the last couple of days.

One of the biggest changes to the site is how it is displayed. In the past, we had one static page that was displayed exactly the same no matter what device or size of screen that you had. The new site uses what is called "responsive design" in that it detects the size of your screen and adjusts accordingly. If you are on a smartphone, it will present the site optimized for that sized screen. The site will adjust if you are using an ipad, in both landscape and portrait dimensions. All in all, the site can adapt to 5 different sizes at the moment - which means when our staff was working with the site, we actually had to build, test, and deploy 5 websites, not just one!

Search is a big component of the site relaunch, and we're moving to a much more intelligent search engine. Information is provided as a search over the entire site, products, news, podcasts, and more, and the ability to use operators and fuzzy logic with the search makes it much more powerful than the old version. A nice post talking about some of the many capabilities can be found here:

You'll note a leaderboard on the right edge of the site. This new feature provides trending purchases from customers, so you can see what the most popular items being added to carts from customers is. This information is updated periodically so you can see what are the most popular items our customers are buying are.

We've added more display of products on the front page - you'll notice there are sliders allowing you to browse featured items, preorders, and top sellers by category. The site will provide a random category when you visit, but you can change this easily in the more top sellers box if you want to see best selling DVDs, graphic novels, and so on. Integration with the store is much tighter now than in the past.

We've tightened up navigation on the site and reorganized the footers so that the information hopefully is more accessible. The front page provides links to the most recent news and forum topics.

Social media is much more integrated with the site, allowing you to easily share with your friends different news items and featured products.

More than anything, however, is the difference in the architecture of the site. The way things are built, we have the ability to much more rapidly respond to customer concerns. This quick responsiveness has allowed us to already address a number of issues customers have brought to our attention and we are actively working on several more that will be updated shortly. The site will be more customizable and that will allow us to be more active in modifications to benefit our buyers.

We're actively interested in your input - we know that it's different and that's a bit of a shocker, but hope that you'll be happy with the results and our ability to continue to make it better. We have a survey link open to report bugs and provide comments:

Thank you very much for your continued support. Myself and all of our staff appreciate your business and we want to do everything that we can to make our site a place you enjoy coming back to again and again.

Shawne Kleckner
Dark Lord of the Minions
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Shawne Kleckner
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