"Completist Syndrome"

Completist syndrome is one of anime world's most prevelant afflictions. Up to 75% of today's anime fans suffer from completist syndrome, some reports state as high as 90%; staggering numbers to be sure. It is a misunderstood and underestimated malady. Most anime fans suffering from completist syndrome aren't aware of it or aren't willing to admit it. They will often refer to it as "completist tendencies" or say things like "I wanted to order the third series from the other side of the world for well over quadruple it's value." Sugar coating it does not supersede diagnosis people. Common signs of completist syndrome are multiple versions of the same item (i.e. individual volumes sitting on a shelf right next to the complete series), the same title in multiple formats (i.e. owns the anime, video games, manga, figures, and assorted paraphernalia), and multiple back-up hard drives filled with fansubs or shelving units filled to capacity with hard to find items and imports. Medical professionals are in agreement: "Just because you have the first five volumes, doesn't mean you have to have the OVA collection." Like any addiction, understanding is possibly the best medicine.
No matter where you go, there you are.