The last few times I contacted Funimation, I heard nothing back. Now I noticed their site: Operation Anime says:

Effective immediately FUNimation Entertainment will no longer accept new clubs or requests for its Operation Anime program. Although Operation Anime is discontinuing service, we will honor all screening requests and mailings scheduled thru December 1, 2011.

We want to thank all of the clubs who have participated and who have shown support for FUNimation, its movies and series and more than anything, the art of anime throughout the years.

FUNimation is pleased to announce a brand new partnership with Swank Motion Pictures. While we have discontinued the Operation Anime Program, our new venture will continue to allow us the ability to offer screenings at your library.
I couldn't find a price list, but Swank definitely charges money. I'll try their email address again, but it looks like we may have to go without any of their content or get a Swank budget just for showing Funimation titles.