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I've got one.
I kinda want to Vampire Knight(both seasons), I know the Craptastic job Viz did with the complete collections so I'm opting to get the singles instead. Of course this means more money. About 100 instead of about 40-60.
As a result I'm a far more weary of picking this title up.
I've read some reviews and they seem to feel rather "meh" as to how it ends.
So for those who've seen it, is it worth picking up the singles or should I just skip this one over entirely?

I bought as a Complete Collection, Season one.

and I bought Season two a Volume at a time.
Needless to say I did go back and buy The VOLUMES for Season One.

I'm much happier and my ( six volume ) six disc two Seasons complete collection
and all the disc have matching dvd disc art.

GET THE VOLUMES... I learned the hard way ( douple sided disc my butt mad)

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