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Ah, cool! Which origin did you choose?

I cheated and started them all just long enough so that it would come up as having shown that i completed them all! grin

However the main story that i'm going with at the moment is the Human Noble and the Dalish Elf charaters.

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I tend to rush through an action/survival game like Resident Evil pretty fast, but like you, I enjoy slowing things down in an RPG and exploring all of the little side stories. With DA2, you still feel like you're in the same world, but the focus is a lot narrower, the gameplay more streamlined, and the vibe is much more "street" (to quote myself) than DAO.

Yeah, i find that i enjoy the game more if you just take your time going through it. True sometimes the little side quests can be a pain but in the end i find that feel better having done them anyway. The biggest gripe i have with the game is that once you clear a cave/cavern and then go back, there are no enemies to re-fight and help level you're character up some more. In other RPG's like Morrowind, Oblivion, FFX-2 you can always go back and refight to help level up.

The copy of DAO i have came as a two disc set. The first disc has the game and the second disc has all of the DLC that went with it. I've done only a couple of side quests(Awakening and Lelianna's Song i believe are the only ones so far) from the DLC and want to do more but i'd like my characters to be leveled up a little more than they are now (currently 20 & 19) before continuing on, even tho i'm really itching to go ahead and start one anyway.
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