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I have another company to add to the list: AN Entertainment (Anime Nation), contact form:
Subject: Licensing Information
......Hare + Guu, however, you must contact Anime Nation for those permissions...... Risky Safety.

I recently contacted AN, who said they no longer hold the licenses to Risky Saftey and Hare + Guu. Apparently nobody does now.

But I'm posting to say that Sentai Filmworks has their screening request process in the FAQ now, so the current e-mail address should probably be changed to a link to here: http://sentai-filmworks.com/index.php?option=com_quickfaq&Itemid=86

Or maybe changed to info@sentai-filmworks.com with the list of requirements that they have on the FAQ page. (I haven't actually tried the info e-mail yet, will report back if there are problems with it.)

The e-mail to Mike was replied to only with a link to their online catalog, and a note saying that I could check for available titles there.

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