Not sure if there is a topic like this on this portion of the boards, if so let me know, and feel free to delete this one.

Anyhow this topic will be for normal movies/TV shows that you watched at the theater or at home on DVD (or normal TV).

Please try to discuss them a little.

I just recently watched The Da Vinci Code, cause I read the book for the first time.
As I am getting older I appreciate a good "thriller/mystery" more often than I used to.
The movie is pretty similar to the book with a few exceptions. Since I knew the "twist" at the end it was not as powerful as it should be.

Also watched Die Hard, why I have never seen this before is beyond me. Maybe I did not like Bruce Willis at the time this came out, or maybe I was too young to see it. Not sure why I have never rented it before. Anyhow it was cool as heck! Will rent the others as well.

I will be watching Angels & Demons soon, and got an invite to see The Help with parents/brother/neighbors/brother's fiancée.
Toho's Godzilla Will Live Forever!