"Does anybody out there like coffee?" I've found coffee to be the perfect compliment to anime. Over the last few (several?) years I've taken a real liking to the bean, particularly since I quit drinking; a vice for a vice you know. Anyhow, I love to talk about coffee, at length if I've already got a few cups in me. I use a french press. I love it. It's simple in design and functional. Quite genius really. I've settled on a particular brand(?) of bean as well. I get them from my local nutrition center. In addition to being organic, they are fair trade as well. They also, as a company, support sustainable canopy growth. I know it sounds corny, but this is very important considering coffee plantations share the same small portion of the earth as the rain forests. Once again; I know it sounds corny, but this is also important for migratory birds because they nest in this canopy growth.

I've enjoyed hours of listening to coffee gurus (friends) go on and on about coffee. I know someone who spent over 5k on an espresso machine. I know. Crazy. He's insane in an Einstein sort of way. I'll stick with my french press, it cost approx. $40.

I never use flavored beans. They would gum up my mill. When using a french press, you have to use a burr grinder or mill. A regular bladed coffee grinder's blades move to fast and heat up the beans, thereby destroying the wonderful flavors hidden within the oils of the beans. This is why I use a french press. Paper filters, or any filter for that matter, remove those oils.

Appreciation of coffee can go nearly as deep as appreciation of wine. Did you know that coffee beans have nasty tannins that will come out if brewed or handled poorly, just like wine? Anyhoo... I could go on and on, but I actually like to listen better. I think I'll go make a (another) pot right now.
No matter where you go, there you are.