I wanted to start a new thread just for cosplay and I thought under the convention heading would be a good spot. This was my first time back in three years to Animazement. It is in a larger venue now at the Raleigh Convention Center in NC. Lots more room, lots more panels, plus the dealer room is much larger. I saw many good costumes. The dealer room was nearly half costuming or costuming accessories. Steampunk is the new up and coming big thing. Even though there was a huge portion of Bleach cosplayers, the dealers room shown that stuff for Goth or Steampunk is hot. Used to be if you cosplayed, you had to be a specific character. Now there are many people in original creations. The Star Wars people had a large showing with even a Stormtrooper panel. There were many panels and workshops on cosplay and sewing.
I saw many good costumes. Three dealers had some of the most beautiful kimonos I had ever seen.
There were also some vendors selling more traditional everyday Asian attire. My wife wanted a cooly hat. She was wearing it yesterday morning as she was running around hanging clothes to dry and watering the flowers. It looked like I had a Chinese laborer working in the back yard. Lol. laugh
Well, she is one quarter Chinese. smile
Zombies also are popular at the moment.
We cosplayed Friday and Saturday. Friday she wore a sailor fuku from Under the Innocent Sky. An anime that not many people have heard of it seems. She didn't get much attention. A pity. Her costume is beautiful and she looked adorable in it.
I refer to this photo as the "dirty old sea captain and the school girl". Rotfl. It was my old costume of Captain Global from Robotech. I have lost a lot of weight since I had it made and it now swallows me.
Saturday we wowed them with our Steampunk ensemble. We got a very good response.
You put a costume on my wife and point a camera at her and she starts voguing. Lol.
During the Steampunk photo shoot I was nicknamed "the General".
Next time I will post some outstanding cosplay that I saw.
I want anyone who has pictures of themselves or friends in costume to post them as well. Tell us your cosplay experiences.

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