Next week i am attending my fist anime convention smile this is a new thing to me because where i live we don't normally get these kinds of things.
Its called Tsubasacon and it is still about a 2hr drive from were i live but me and my cousin are going because we couldn't pass up this chance lol.
It has all the classic anime convention related things happening and its going on for 3 days Fri-Sun Cosplay contest being on Saturday "cough,cough"

I just hope i don't run into a seller stand with model's and figurines of my favorite anime characters on the first day if i do i have a feeling i will go broke fast.
My cousin is obsessed with Hatsune Miku the chick from Vocaloid and he said if he see's a figurine of her it will be his lol.
I am taking my camera so i will be taking pics and posting them on here i guess.
So i will tell you guys how it was when i get back i only gotta wait one more week actually 6 days OMG anticipation is high so high i am having sleeping problems...