I just recently repurchased Chocolate & OldBoy. My original OldBoy was/is an OOP korean limited edition which was quite snazzy. My original Chocolate was a disk that may or may not have been a bootleg,.. it's hard to say when I purchase from my local Hong Kong mall. A lot of their stuff seems questionable.

I never got around to watching Chocolate for some reason. A friend just recently borrowed it & the idea popped into my head that I should perhaps upgrade to blu. So I did. Best Buy was selling Chocolate on BluRay for 29.99. ..I wound up being patient & shopping online at home. Thankfully I found it at amazon for a mere $16 and change. laugh
While making the above order I checked out a few other items, one of the items that I decided to go with was OldBoy for around $21 or so. ..I just really love this film. Hopefully the bluray retains most/all of the special features of my OOP LE + adds a few new features.

& now to go completely off topic in my very own thread my order consisted of 4 items total. The other two items being Flight Of The Conchords (S2) & Watchmen (blu) preorders. Additionally I ordered from another site (within a half hours time of the other order) an import of Kafka. Which is somewhat surprisingly rather difficult to find on DVD. I am quite excited for Kafka.

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