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Take one totally cute (and naive) ninja-girl trainee, add a ninja horde under the tutelage of the weirdest headmaster ever - a strange, yellow, spherical, pudgy... creature... named Onsokumaru - and you get the kind of "super-explosive ninja insanity" that can only be found in what's been called "the runaway nuclear reactor" of anime comedies!


The entire 12-episode Ninja Nonsense DVD Collection in a Litebox-style keepcase - Scene access, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio for Japanese and English dialogue, English subtitles and English on-screen translations. PLUS: Character bios, interviews with the Japanese cast, TV spots 1-18, textless openings and closings, "Kurukururin" (closing) full-size video, original U.S. trailer, and Nozomi Entertainment trailers.

Animated by ufotable (Coyote Ragtime Show, Tales of Symphonia OAV), the Ninja Nonsense series was recognized as a "top 10 anime DVD" of 2006 (DVD Talk's Anime Talk), and actor Sean Schemmel's comedic performance as over-the-top, ninja master "Onsokumaru" has been praised as deserving "to be considered among the all-time great anime performances." (Anime News Network).

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NINJA NONSENSE DVD COLLECTION - Litebox set for November 5, 2013

July, 17, 2013: The NINJA NONSENSE DVD COLLECTION - Litebox will be released on November 5, 2013. This new Litebox will include the complete, 12-episode anime adaption of the Ninin ga Shinobuden (2 x 2 = Shinobuden) manga - plus video extras and a 32-page booklet with production journals, "Happy Doodles" from the Japanese staff, liner notes and more. Pre-order it today!


July 27, 2010: To celebrate this summer's release of the new NINJA NONSENSE DVD COLLECTION, we're bringing a bit of "super-explosive ninja insanity" to our YouTube channel! The first episode is already live with a new episode cycling into the rotation each week. (It's rated TV-MA, so you'll have to sign in to your YouTube account to view it!) And of course, check out the Nozomi/YouTube programming schedule for specific launch dates!


March 3, 2010: The NINJA NONSENSE DVD COLLECTION will be released on June 1, 2010. This new set will include the complete, 12-episode anime adaption of the Ninin ga Shinobuden (2 x 2 = Shinobuden) manga - plus video extras and a 32-page booklet with production journals, "Happy Doodles" from the Japanese staff, liner notes and more - housed in a colorful, Thinpak-style art box. Pre-order it today!

Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment announces Ninja Nonsense Complete DVD Collection

November 15, 2007: The Ninja Nonsense Complete DVD Collection Limited Edition Box set containing entire series, plus extras scheduled for December 4th!

This first-ever Ninja Nonsense collection features the complete series - with all of the video and print extras included during its initial release - and an art box to house the four DVD volumes. Plus, this limited edition will also include a special mini-manga by series creator Ryoichi Koga, an "Onsokumaru" squeeze toy and a ninja-trainee headband.

New Ninja Nonsense contest!

February 16, 2007: The nonsense is back... with a vengeance! For our latest Ninja Nonsense contest, we are giving away two of our newest wallscrolls featuring Shinobu and Kaede!

Fill out the entry form in the EXTRAS section before March 15, 2007 for your chance to win! BOTH WINNERS will be announced on the March 16 podcast of ANIME TODAY!

Ninja Nonsense to air on the FUNimation Channel

January 26, 2007: This just in: Ninja Nonsense will be airing on the FUNimation Channel in 2007! (And of course, if you can't wait - you can find the DVDs at and brick-and-mortar retailers near you, like Best Buy!)

Ninja Nonsense figurine contest winners!

January 5, 2007: We're kicking off the New Year with a big congratulations to the 10 winners of our December Ninja Nonsense figurine contest! George C., of Depauw, Indiana; Christine F., of Lexington, Kentucky; Mike R., of El Reno, Oklahoma; Karen M., of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Guarin F., of Eveleth, Minnesota; Octavio P., of Miami, Florida; Kelly W., of Munster, Indiana; Jennifer J., of Stafford, Virginia; Emilia G., of Kirkland, Washington; and JoAnn L., of Houma, Louisiana!

Our friends over at Infinity Studios are releasing the second volume of the Ninja Nonsense manga - Ninin Ga Shinobuden - at the end of this month. And to celebrate, we're giving away 2 copies of Volume 1! - fill out the entry form in the EXTRAS section before February 1st for your chance to win! BOTH WINNERS will be announced on the ANIME TODAY podcast available on Feb. 2, 2007!

Ninja Nonsense figurine contest!

December 1, 2006: CONGRATULATIONS to our November Contest Winners: Victoria U. of Murrieta, CA, Nancy S. of Nunda, NY, Vicky D. of Ridgetown, ON, Robert S. of Linden, NC and Cody L. of West Salem, WI!

We're running this VERY POPULAR contest one more time with 2x the WINNERS! Head to the EXTRAS section and fill out the contest form for a new chance to win 1 of 5 Ninja Nonsense figurines straight from Japan! TEN WINNERS will be announced on the ANIME TODAY podcast available on Jan. 5, 2007!

Ninja Nonsense DVD 4

November 17, 2006: The fourth and final Ninja Noise set has been added in the EXTRAS section, plus a new 1 min. video clip from DVD4 has been added to the SERIES section! AND don't forget to enter the November's CONTEST for your chance to win 1 of 5 Ninja Nonsense figurines straight from Japan!

Ninja Nonsense DVD 3

October 19, 2006: DVD 3's release is less than 2 weeks away and to celebrate, we've made a massive update! Ninja Noise set 3 is now available in the EXTRAS section, DVD4 info and screenshots plus a 50 sec. video clip for DVD3 has been added to the SERIES section, AND the final 4 Character Bios have been added to the CHARACTERS section! Finally, don't forget to enter our latest Contest! In just a few short weeks, FIVE winners will be randomly awarded with 1 of 5 Ninja Nonsense figurines! Check out the EXTRAS section for details!

Ninja Nonsense DVD 1 plus Manga contest!

August 24, 2006: The ninja insanity is in full swing and there's only 1 week left in the DVD 1 plus Manga CONTEST! The NINJA NOISE in the EXTRAS has been updated with 6 NEW downloadable audio clips (which make great ringtones) and DVD3: Ninja on First has beed added to the SERIES section! Plus, check out the new 35 sec. video clip from DVD2: Psychedelic Summer!

Announcing Ninja Nonsense!

June 23, 2006: Take the comedy of South Park, combine it with one totally cute (and naive) ninja-girl trainee, a horde of ninjas under the perverse tutelage of her headmaster: a strange, yellow, spherical, pudgy... creature... named Onsokumaru, and you get the craziest, most hilarious anime show ever created!


"had us laughing from start to finish and eager to see more. Very recommended."
- AnimeOnDVD at

"You'll need CPR training to watch this anime because you and your friends will keel over laughing from it!"
- Active Anime

"Ninja Nonsense sets out to be a good laugh, and it delivers many times over. Recommended."
- AnimeOnDVD at

Schemmel's Onsokumaru "deserves to be considered among the all-time great anime performances."
- Anime News Network

"the runaway nuclear reactor of comedies"
- Anime News Network

"top 10 anime DVD" of 2006
- DVD Talk's Anime Talk

"the perfect mix of physical and verbal comedy"

"a delightful blend of the zany and the absurd"
- PLAY Magazine

"Ninja Nonsense manages to spin its own web of funnies, and you'll find yourself grinning and giddy after an episode or two!"
- Animerica

"Ninja Nonsense is the front-runner for best comedy of the year... The dub is, without a doubt, a masterpiece"

"There's no excuse to avoid Ninja Nonsense... It's too flawlessly put together and insane to miss"
- Newtype USA

"Talk about the best way to cap off a weekend, this show is one of the best comedies I've seen in quite some time!"

"It never ceases to make me laugh."
- PointBlank Anime Reviews

"Gut-bustingly funny... definitely another anime series to add to your collection."
- Jellyfish Anime Reviews

More about Ninja Nonsense

Production Nonsense

By David Olsen, Assistant Producer

There are many things that can attract you to a show: the artwork, characters' likeability, the overall storyline, the pacing of the show... but when it came to Ninja Nonsense, the appeal was definitely in its relentless (and usually psychotic) comedy. Ninjas, unending parodies, toilet humor, the clever puns, even the not-so-clever puns... it definitely struck a chord with us... a very twisted chord.

Ninja Nonsense follows the story of Shinobu, a cute, enthusiastic and ditzy ninja trainee who invades the life of every-day average school-girl Kaede. Poor Kaede's life is thrown into chaos the night that Shinobu attempts to break into her home and steal her panties (of all things) because it was her ninja school assignment for the night... and that's just the beginning!

With her trusty "hawk" Onsokumaru (a pudgy yellow sphere with wings... sometimes arms... occasionally legs... he's just sorta like a big ball of moldable clay) and under the tutelage of her ninja school "Head Master," Shinobu dedicatedly undergoes many strange trials in the hope that she can one day become the kind of professional ninja she's always read about in manga and seen on television ('cuz you know, that's where all the real ninjas hang out).

Unfortunately, Shinobu is too naive to realize that Onsokumaru and her Head Master are really one in the same (because that beard Head Master wears is SUCH a convincing disguise) and that he rarely teaches her anything but dirty and perverted things. Her ninja classmates, who all look the same and are collectively known as the "Sasuke Army," are equally as hopeless as they lounge around reading sleazy magazines, playing video games, watching TV and participating in Onsokumaru's imbecilic schemes.

Ninja Nonsense is a crazy 12 episode series where each episode is actually split into 2 mini-stories. It's similar to shows like Urusei Yatsura in that there isn't a lot of continuity. In one episode, Onsokumaru might be eaten by a giant crocodile, and in the next episode, he'll be back to his normal pervy self. But, because there isn't a need for continuity, it means there's room for a lot more off-the-wall comedy.

Even the Japanese scripts we received were funny... line after line of the Japanese dialogue was crossed off with new lines scribbled in, but when we watched the show we found that most of the lines in the script weren't even used - most of them were ad libbed. In fact, if it hadn't been for the amazing Japanese voice talents, the whole show wouldn't have been nearly as humorous as it turned out to be.

I've done a lot of work on other titles that we've produced, but this is the first time I've worked on English adaptations. While the story isn't hugely complex, adapting the humor in Ninja Nonsense has been quite a handful. For example, there's a scene where Onsokumaru says that he and his merry band like to "wander around looking for fights," "eat the beef that other people spent time barbequing," and "stare at girls' chests"... the joke is that all of these phrases rhyme in Japanese. Now the trick is to make the joke still work in English AND still manage to have it synch up to the visual mouth flaps. Look for our solution in episode 4! It's been a lot of fun, but very challenging at times.

We recently screened the first two episodes (with an early English dub) at Otakon 2005 and were greeted with warm complements and lots of people begging to know "What the heck is this!? When can I buy it?" As always, we appreciate all the feedback and hope that you will all check out Ninja Nonsense in 2006!

Japanese Crew

  • Producer Hikaru Kondo
  • Series Director Haruo Sotozaki
  • Director Hitoyuki Matsui
  • Animation Production UFOTABLE
  • Original Story Ryoichi Koga
  • Planning Kaazuyosi Miyasato
  • Planning Michio Suzuki
  • Planning Yuuki Yoshiki
  • Planning Takeshi Oikawa
  • Series Coordinator/ScriptRyunosuke Kingetsu
  • Character DesignJun Shibata
  • Prop Design Mitsuru Obunai
  • Art Director Hiroshi Ohno
  • Color Setting Emi Chiba
  • Director of Photography/CG Director Takeshi Nagata
  • Editing Tsuyoshi Imai
  • Music Harukichi Yamamoto
  • Music Producer Akira Yoshikawa
  • Sound Director Jin Aketagawa

English Crew

  • Executive Producer Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Producer Kris Kleckner
  • Assistant Producer David Olsen
  • Assistant Producer Judy DeFrieze
  • Translator Mayumi Kobayashi
  • Translator Shoko Ono
  • Translator Feng Xiong
  • Voice Director Michael Sinterniklaas
  • Voice Director Marc Diraison


  • Characters Japanese Voice English Voice
  • Shinobu Nana Mizuki Crispin Freeman
  • Kaede Shiranui Ayako Kawasumi Zoe Martin
  • Onsokumaru Norio Wakamoto Sean Schemmel
  • Sasuke Tomokazu Seki Jason Linder
  • Miyabi Rie Kugimiya Veronica Taylor
  • Mom   Emily Blau
  • Dad   Dave Wills
  • Devil Daisuke Kirii Dave Wills
  • Izumi Michiko Neya Eva Meginnon
  • Takeru Michael Sinterniklaas

NINJA NONSENSE: THE LEGEND OF SHINOBU (Ninin ga Shinobuden) © 2004 Ryoichi Koga / MediaWorks / Ninin ga Shinobuden Production Committee.