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The flames of war are fanned in the Middle East, as two secretive forces unleash their latest weapons of mass destruction. But in a world where giant robots are real, the most dangerous weapon of all lies buried within a human mind. Yushiro, the fourth son of the mysterious and powerful Gowa family, finds himself at the center of events that may change the future of mankind forever! Contains the complete, 25-episode TV series.

DVD Features

Scene access, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo for English and Japanese dialogue, removable English subtitles and English on-screen translations. PLUS: Clean openings, clean closings, behind the scenes, and Nozomi Entertainment trailers.

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January 11, 2012

Welcome to the official series site for GASARAKI. In addition to information about next month's re-release, you'll also find the series trailer, as well as interviews, circa 1998-1999, with Director Ryousuke Takahashi (creator, Votoms), Assistant Director Goro Taniguchi (creator, Code Geass), and Mechanical Designer Yutaka Izubuchi (creator, RahXephon).

October 26, 2011

We're pleased to announce the GASARAKI Complete Series DVD Collection will be available on February 7, 2012. The new set will contain the complete, 25-episode series in a single keepcase and feature the previously released English-language dub, Japanese audio, and removable English subtitles and on-screen translations. On-disc extras will include the series' multiple opening and closing sequences, plus behind-the-scenes footage. For more details, check out the press release.


"A show that's very complex and doesn't give out easy answers... Excellent stuff here, highly recommended."
Chris Beveridge,


During the production of the series, Director and Original Creator Ryousuke Takahashi (Votoms, Blue Gender, FLAG), Assistant Director Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass) and Mechanical Designer Yutaka Izubuchi (RahXephon, Patlabor) took time out to talk about the series and their respective roles in its production. Click the button to download the 7-page interview!

Download full interview (pdf)

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