Anime Clubs Support Program

Are you searching for ways to amp up your anime club’s meetings and increase its membership? Look no further: Right Stuf is here to help with our newly revamped STUF for Clubs anime club support program!

So what does that actually mean? Participating clubs are eligible for screeners of new releases from Right Stuf’s Nozomi Entertainment, a streamlined screening permission process, sought-after swag and promotional merchandise, and more!

So, if you feel we have the “Right Stuf” for your club, e-mail us at to receive an application. Or send your written request to:

Right Stuf, Inc.
Attn: Marketing / Anime Clubs
512 NE Main St.
Grimes, IA 50111-2188

Anime Conventions

If you’re planning an anime convention (or any other anime event), Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment want to hear from YOU!

  • Please see the procedure for screener requests below.
  • For guest, panel, sponsorship, prize support, and advertising requests, please submit written inquiries -- with copies of past event programs, when possible -- to:

Right Stuf, Inc.
Attn: Marketing / Conventions
512 NE Main St.
Grimes, IA 50111-2188

Screening Permissions

To receive permission to screen Right Stuf / Nozomi Entertainment titles at conventions, club meetings or special events, we require the following:

  1. Admission may not be charged for the showing itself.
  2. All reasonable steps must be taken to insure illegal copying is not allowed.
  3. Any and all Right Stuf / Nozomi Entertainment trailers must be played during the showing.
  4. Your organization agrees to inform viewers where the program(s) shown can be purchased, either from a local, retail outlet or directly from Right Stuf via or 1-800-338-6827
  5. Our licensors require all screening requests to be on file. You must send us a written request for permission via mail or email and include the following information in your letter: 1.) Name of the individual in charge who is making the request on your organization’s behalf; 2.) The name of your organization; 3.) The complete address of the screening location; 4.) Your mailing address if you are also requesting a screener copy of the property you are planning to show; 5.) Your contact’s e-mail address and phone number; 6.) The date of the screening(s); and 7.) The title(s) you wish to screen.

Please forward your written request to:

Right Stuf, Inc.
Attn: Marketing / Screening Permissions
512 NE Main St.
Grimes, IA 50111-2188

We will follow up with a written permission letter for your files (and ours).

Please remember: sells products from a variety of North American anime industry vendors, including ADV Films, FUNimation, Bandai Entertainment and more. However, we can only issue screening permissions for those titles that Right Stuf and/or Nozomi Entertainment have published and produced for the North American market.

You can find the “publisher” information at the bottom of each product page in our online store. For screening permissions for properties released by other companies, please contact those individual companies directly.

For help contacting other companies for screening permissions, please refer to our Screening Permissions Guide located in the Clubs & Conventions section of our ANIME TODAY forums.