Affiliate Program

Have you ever wanted to own your own anime store? With your website and a little html, you can jump into the world of electronic commerce today by becoming a Right Stuf Associate! Why Should you Join?

  • Have your own online anime store with DVDs, T-Shirts, and more! 
  • Earn commissions on your sales.
  • Differentiate your site and become a source of anime for others.

Adding a store to your own website is an easy way to make it more valuable to your visitors and increases repeat visits to your site. As a Right Stuf Associate, you can sell DVDs, CD-ROMs, artbooks, T-Shirts, CDs, RPGs, and many other products. You'll earn a commission on each sale from your store, your visitors get more and it's a one-stop shopping experience. There's no charge to join, so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Earn Commissions on Your Sales

Right Stuf pays you 10% on any purchase from your site of the 24,000+ items we offer. We do not require Associates to meet sales quotas in order to receive their commissions; you earn a commission on every sale! You can link to items individually, to categories of products, or to the table of contents. Any item purchased through your store earns you commission, regardless of how the link is made!

Right Stuf's selections include descriptions of products, customer reviews, cover art, video and music clips; these help your customers make more informed purchases.

As a Right Stuf Associate, it pays for you to simply link to our store from your website. All you need to do is sign up and add the links to start earning your commissions today.

Program Overview

As a Right Stuf Associate, you are welcome to use our logo as a homepage link; list a favorite videotape, DVD, artbook, or CD; or, you can link to a specific category or our table of contents! Either way, you earn up to commissions on every item sold as a result of your recommendation and link!

If you don't want to make individual item recommendations, you can just place an Right Stuf Store logo with a table of contents link on your site. This quickly and easily allows your site to earn 10 % for every CD, book, video, or other item sold through the general link. It's really that easy to get started. Check out our linking methods to get a better idea of what kind of links are available.

You can start small and then build up as you discover what your audience is most interested in.

When you refer visitors to us, we ensure that they receive quality service. We give them detailed information about every item in our catalog, securely process their orders, promptly send their products, and courteously handle all customer care issues. We will make sure that your visitors have a satisfying purchasing experience because we know that the service we provide reflects on you and your website.

Reports and Payments

Every week, you receive a report detailing how each of your links is doing. You'll know which products are selling and which are not. You'll know how much you've earned in commissions. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions! After you reach the level required, we'll send you a check for the commissions you have earned. For more details, visit our FAQ section or check out an example of our weekly report.

All international affiliates are paid via credits with Right Stuf International. Credits can be used to buy any of the cool stuff in our store!

Weekly Activity

Every week, we send our Associates a detailed activity report via e-mail so that they can track the effectiveness of their efforts. A sample of the report shows what you can expect to receive weekly.

Not getting Reports? Make sure that you have the option selected in your associate preferences for "Store Statistics."


Click-Thru Summary


Hits      Destination

--------  -----------------------

       3  Recent Changes

                      Catalog: Right Stuf International

       4  Table of Contents

                      Catalog: Right Stuf International

       9  Category

                      Category: ! Weekly Specials !

       6  Category

                      Category: DVDs

Total click-thrus: 22

Item Sales Summary


Date          Dir  Quant   Cost    You Earn   Description


 3/22/1999    N      1     $22.49      $2.25  Battle Athletes Victory - Spacewar

 3/22/1999    N      1      15.00       1.50  Art of Fighting (D)

Total items sold in summary period: 2

Total items sold through direct links to items: 0

Total amount earned during summary period: $3.75

Percent paid for items ordered: 10.000% 

Total amount earned before payment is made: $50.00

Please note that the actual amount paid may be different depending upon the validity of the orders. 

The orders are verified after your total sales are reported.
For questions you may contact


Preparing Your Links

The only supported way of linking into the online catalog is documented here - any other methods should not be used. The parameters on the URL line may be specified in any order. Make sure there are no spaces - the lines here may wrap for space purposes, but there are no spaces in the link. Replace any occurance of "associateid" with your assigned associate id:

Linking Directly to the Table of Contents:

This type of link will take you to the table of contents.

Replace associateid with your associate id.

Linking to the Search Page:

This type of link will take you to the search page for the store.

Replace associateid with your associate id.

Linking to a Specific Category:

This type of link directs customers to specific areas (or categories) within the store, such as Posters and Wall Scrolls.

In this case, you would replace categoryid with the id corresponding to the area you would like to link to, and associateid with your associate id. For example, here is how we link to the Posters and Wall Scrolls category with Right Stuf as the associate id:

See a list of current Category ids.

Recent Changes Link

This area of the catalog lists the most recent additions and deletions for the store. Note the t=catagoryid has changed to t=changes.

Replace associateid with your associate id.

Jump to Item Search Box Link

Using this link will take the user directly to the Jump to an Item search page in our online store. This search requires that the user know the catalog/item number of the product they are looking for. Note t=jump and v=right-stuf.

Replace associateid with your associate id.

Individual Item Link

This type of link will take the user directly to the item on our online store. Note t=item, v=right-stuf, and i=itemcode.

Replace both the itemcode and the associateid. The itemcode is the part number in the Right Stuf catalog, changed to all lower case, with any /'s replaced with -'s. If you're unsure of the part number, search for the item in the store and use the Item Number presented on the product page.

For example, to link directly to the Utena, Revolutionary Girl DVD Set 1 (item # rsdvd1154) with Right Stuf as the associate id:

Updating Your Associate Information

If you need to change something on your associate account, it's now easier than ever! Simply go to the Right Stuf Online Store and click on the 'Please Sign In' link on the upper right hand corner of the window.

Once you've logged in, check into the 'Options that are available for Your Account.' You'll notice on the new list there's a section called 'Your Associate Information!' Whew you found it! From here you'll be able to edit all of your sites that are listed under your email address. Of course if you have sites listed under multiple email addresses, you'll have to login through your other addresses to make any changes.

Updates to your site's URL (so if you change locations it's now easier than ever to switch your associate information!), weekly store notification emails, and more importantly its payee and contact information! Now you have everything right at your fingertips.

OK - I'm Sold! How Do I Get Started?

Review the Agreement. Fill out our brief online Application. This is the registration for your website with the Right Stuf Associates Program. You will receive an immediate email reply with your unique Store Associate Code and detailed instructions on how to set up your links.

Review our Link Tips. Go to the linking methods page. This page gives you detailed information on how to set up a variety of links to individual products and categories, or simply to the table of contents.

Get the Links Onto Your Site. Logo graphics are available from our Link to Us page.

Add Specific Graphics to Your Site. Look through our store for your favorite video or CD to add to your Site, or look for specific categories you'd like to feature.

Watch for Your Statistics Report. This report will give you information showing you how your store is doing, giving you detailed information on which items have sold from your Site, which items sell the best from your Site, your accumulated commissions, and will include updates on our program.