Search Help

Searching the Right Stuf web site is as easy as typing what you are trying to find in the search bar at the top of the screen. If you can't find what you are looking for, here are some helpful tips.

Types of Searches

The website handles various types of searches, including:

Simple Searches

Most of the time, a simple search will find what you are looking for. If you use more than one word, without quotes, we will search for both words. For instance, a search for:

legendary heroes

will find results with both “legendary” and “heroes” in the title.

Putting it inside quotes such as:

"Legendary Heroes"

will find those words in the exact order as inside the quotes.

You can also search just for:

Black Butler DVD

To further refine the search.

Wildcard Searches

The '*' and '?' characters are known as wildcards and can help you see results that match your terms more broadly.

For instance, searching for:


 will produce results for Dragonball Z, Dracula, How to Draw Pokemon and others.  Notice how they all have “dra” in the title.

Using a '?' in a search will replace the ? With one letter.  So,  searching for:


 will return Cat Planet Cuties and also Dragon Ball Z Cap: Cut Out Knit Steep Cap

Fuzzy Searches

Fuzzy searches will try to search for items that closely resemble what you typed in.  This is helpful if you don't know the exact spelling of what you are looking for. For a fuzzy search, use the tilde (~) character.

Example Search:  derara~

This will find titles such as Dorama, Dramacon and Durarara!

Proximity Searches

Proximity searches can narrow results down based on how close one word appears to another.  For this we use a phrase search, and then a tilde character along with the number of words they have to be found near by. For instance: 

"draw anime"~10

Will give you a result for Anime Mania: How to Draw Characters, but  

"draw anime"~2 

would not, since the words “draw” and anime” are not within 2 words of each other in the title.

Boolean Operator Search

A boolean operator is when you use words like “AND” “NOT” or “OR” to help filter your results. By default, our search engine uses the “and” operator.  These operators need to be used in all capital letters. If you search for:

black OR rose

you will get results for Black Butler, Black Angel, and V.B. Rose.

But if you use only:

black butler 


black AND butler

You will get only items that have “black butler” in them.

You can also exclude a word from being returned.

"black butler" NOT "novel"

Will return all products that contain “black butler” and exclude products that contain “novel.” You can also group your search phrase, kind of like grouping numbers in math.

(dragon OR butler) AND blu

Will return all titles that have “dragon” and “blu”  as well as “butler” and “blu”.


For the most part, enclosing your search terms in quotes will tend to return the results you are looking for. If you are unsure of the spelling, use the tilde (~) character and it will try and find what you are looking for.