Anime & Manga: New Releases/Pre-Orders, Week of March 17, 2014

Check out this week’s new video releases, including the debuts of Upotte!! and Creamy Mami, the next installment of Magi: The Labyringth of Magic, and new collections for To Love Ru and Shakugan no Shana! On the print front, the first volume of UQ Holder! hits shelves, plus the next volumes of Genshiken: Second Season, Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer, Mayo Chiki! and much more arrive!

  • Upotte!! Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb) Upotte!! Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

    The arms race takes on a startling new development when the arms come with heads, legs, and very feminine bodies attached! Yes, at Seishou Academy every girl is literally a lethal weapon, and they're all gunning for the top shot at getting their own personal serviceman! It's going to be difficult for newly recruited human instructor Genkoku to adjust to working with a living arsenal of high caliber cuties with tricky names like FNC (Funko). Especially since there's no bulletproof vest that can stop a really determined co-ed!

    $69.98 $42.99*
  • Genshiken: Second Season Graphic Novel 4 Genshiken: Second Season Graphic Novel 4

    School festival season is here! With friends of Yajima and Yoshitake visiting, someone from Hato's past chooses just the moment to reappear. Amid the chaos, an essential turning point arrives for Madarame!

    $10.99 $8.24
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic DVD Set 2 (Hyb) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic DVD Set 2 (Hyb)

    Aladdin has yet to regain consciousness from the battle with the fallen magi Judar. Meanwhile, as the third prince of Balbadd, Alibaba tries to stop his older brother King Ahbmad from turning Balbadd into a slave-exporting nation. But his plans are thwarted by none other than Cassim, his childhood friend from the slums, now transformed into a Dark Djinn by the Dark Metal Vessel.

    $79.98 $64.98*
  • Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer Graphic Novel 2 Dance in the Vampire Bund: The Memories of Sledge Hammer Graphic Novel 2

    Knowing that a shadowy group seeks to kidnap her, Reiko Gotoh sets herself up as bait by giving a speech at Tokyo's Chofu Station, under the watchful eyes of Hama Seiji and Akira. In the chaos that ensues, Hama encounters a long-forgotten face from his past: Elie, the little girl he rescued at great personal cost in Columbia.

    $13.99 $10.49

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