Anime & Manga: New Releases/Pre-Orders, Week of December 23, 2013

This week’s new video releases include Humanity Has Declined and Say, "I Love You"! On the print front, Crimson Empire Graphic Novel 3 makes its debut, along with the next installment of Sankarea: Undying Love and much more!

  • Humanity Has Declined Blu-ray Complete Collection (S) Humanity Has Declined Blu-ray Complete Collection (S)

    For years, declining birth rates have forced what's left of the human race to cede more and more territory to other beings. Now, only a handful of humans remain among the remnants of civilization and Earth is dominated by faeries - tiny, ten-inch tall creatures of surprising intelligence. But humanity's importance isn't over quite yet, as young Watashi learns as she makes the decision to return to her hometown and assume her grandfather's position as an arbitrator between the races.

    $59.98 $35.99*
  • Sankarea: Undying Love Graphic Novel 4 Sankarea: Undying Love Graphic Novel 4

    A strange foreign doctor warns Rea that her "turbid period" is approaching... and that it will bring with an insatiable desire to eat Furuya's flesh! Realizing she may not have much time left to live as a sane, normal girl, Rea works as hard as she can to enjoy her first, and maybe last, summer festival with Chihiro. But is it already too late for them both?!

    $10.99 $8.24
  • Say, "I Love You" Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb) Say, "I Love You" Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

    Friends suck, and trusting someone is just setting yourself up. That's the lesson Mei Tachibana learned after her heart was ripped out and only a shell was left where a girl used to be. But unlike so many, she found an easy solution: she'll just never make another friend. Okay, maybe that's not as easy as it sounds, but it's worked for Mei - or at least, it did until handsome, charming and annoyingly popular Yamato Kurosawa came along.

    $69.98 $41.99*
  • Crimson Empire Graphic Novel 3 Crimson Empire Graphic Novel 3

    The relationship between Sheila, Prince Edvard and Prince Justin is not what you'd call "normal," Sheila, born into a life of hardship, is now Prince Edvard's head maid, but is caught up in a desperate love triangle between Edvard and his brother Justin. As the three continue their dance of courtship and skulduggery, Sheila must come to terms with her own true feelings. When the smoke clears, which prince will she choose and who will sit upon the throne?

    $13.99 $10.49

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