Section23 Films Announces Upgrade Offer For Select Titles

Section23 Films has announced a special upgrade offer for owners of Maria Holic Complete Collection, Maria Holic Alive Complete Collection, Mayo Chiki! Complete Collection, MM! Complete Collection, Nyan Koi! Complete Collection and Special A (SA) Complete Collection for those wishing a version with an English dub.

To take advantage of these offers, download and print the appropriate forms and send in the required materials: DVDs, cases, and payment. Complete instructions can be found on the form itself.

If sending in more than 1 title to be upgraded, please send in all forms and required materials to: Section23 Upgrade Offer, Right Stuf Inc, 512 NE Main Street, Grimes IA 50111. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing your request. NOTE: this offer is for US/Canada shipping addresses only.