Notable New Releases & Pre-Orders for Week of July 15, 2013

Fall in love with this week’s video releases! Lovely Complex (Love*Com) and Patlabor TV Series both debut, along with the next installment of Naruto: Shippuden and a new collection for Special A. On the print front, continuing volumes of Sailor Moon, 07-Ghost, Missions of Love and more are scheduled to arrive!

  • Patlabor TV Series Blu-ray Collection 1 (Hyb) Patlabor TV Series Blu-ray Collection 1 (Hyb)

    Giant Robots, sociopaths, madmen waving guns - these aren't just the problems the Mobile Police have to deal with every day, these ARE the Mobile Police! But in a world where giant robots called Labors are frequently used for criminal purposes, the Mobile Police face things that are even bigger and scarier! When Noa Izumi comes in to take a pilot aptitude test and instead initiates a high speed chase, it's clear that she's got exactly the right combination of guts, brains, and just plain crazy that the Second Special Vehicles Division desperately needs.

    $69.98 $41.99*
  • Sailor Moon Graphic Novel 12 Sailor Moon Graphic Novel 12

    As Galaxia picks off one Sailor Guardian after another, even those of the outer planets, Usagi finds new companions to help her fight her most nefarious enemy yet.

    $10.99 $8.24
  • Lovely Complex (Love*Com) DVD Complete Series (S) Lovely Complex (Love*Com) DVD Complete Series (S)

    Koizumi's just started high school, and she's got a little problem: for a girl, she's super tall! Meanwhile, her classmate Otani's got a big problem: he's virtually a midget, but still wants to join the basketball team. Written off as a bickering comedy duo by their teachers and classmates, the pair can't decide who's less likely to find love before graduating, and ultimately bet each other on who'll actually land a mate first.

    $49.95 $29.99*
  • 07-Ghost Graphic Novel 5 07-Ghost Graphic Novel 5

    Having lost the Eye of Mikael to Ayanami's Imperial Army, Teito is now in the midst of the Bishop Examination, a test that if passed will grant him the travel privileges he needs to reclaim the Eye. But during the examination he must face... Ayanami?

    $9.99 $7.49

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